Curiosity - Powerful Driving Source To Be Successful

Curiosity - Powerful Driving Source To Be Successful


Curiosity is important to understand anything. From your birth till death you have to make several attempts to understand things. It is your curiosity that makes you do something. Rabindra Nath Tagore once said all your knowledge and capabilities are in vain if you don’t have curiosity.  Your desire to know things, to achieve your goals will come true only when you will have curiosity. When you will be curious you will make attempts to know about it, you will search for it, you will work for it and achieve it. So you have achieved something because you are curious about it. If there is no curiosity there will be no attempts.


According to Socrates success is dependent on your curiosity and knowledge. Your curiosity determines your way towards success. The more you are curious more you will be successful.


Curiosity raises questions in your mind like what, when, why, how, where, etc. To get answers to all you question you will make attempts and these attempts will lead you to success. So it is important to be curious. Never stop being curious.


If you are a parent never ignore the curiosity of your child says Dr. R.K. Suri. Your child’s curiosity is making him learn to make attempt, it is making you know the interest of your child. So never ask your kid to shut up if he or she is asking you something out of curiosity.


Curiosity has the power to take you to heights if you take your curiosities seriously. Your life is incomplete with curiosity. It is the driving force to make attempts and work towards your goals. Receiving knowledge, making attempts, and creating paths to success everything is possible because of your curiosity.


Curiosity is not limited to humans it is present in all animals.


Some examples of curiosity are


  • If you are curious about music you become a musician

  • If you are curious about the technology you become a scientist
  • If you are curious about the life you become a philosopher
  • If you are curious about starts you become an astrologer
  • and much more


The main point is your curiosity or interest in a particular subject makes you master that. So never stop being curious. It is your driving force towards your success. You never know when your curiosity can add wings for you to fly high in the sky.


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