7 Reasons Why Crying is Good and How it Makes you Mentally Strong

7 Reasons Why Crying is Good and How it Makes you Mentally Strong


Crying is a natural human emotion, but people who cry often are considered weak. People who are happy are considered as more confident, positive, and successful. All emotions are not equal but everyone possesses them. It is also true that crying and sadness are seen as negative emotions. They are seen as a sign of insecurity and a sign that you are weak. Some people also say that it is unhealthy and damaging.


But the truth is that people who cry a lot are more mentally strong and instead of suppressing their emotions, they know how to have control over their emotions. Some reasons are:


  1. People who cry a lot know about themselves well:


People who cry a lot are aware of the fact that releasing emotions out of your mind and body is very important. These people know about the strengths and weaknesses. Hiding one's emotions are not good, they can have negative effects like stress and depression which will make their life hell.


  1. People who cry are more empathetic: 


People who cry are facing distress and hurt. They feel empathy for those who are in distress and hurt. As they know how it feels to be like that. And with this ability, they have good and more meaningful emotions.


  1. They are braver than other people


When people are in pain, they usually wear a mask on their faces so that people will not make fun of them and take them in a negative manner. But the truth is that people who have the courage to cry in front of other people are braver. They know that people’s judgment is not worth anything. They know that the emotions are meant to flow out of the body.


  1. People who cry know that crying will help them heal their pain


It is true that crying will not heal or solve the problems automatically but researches indicate that it releases one hormone which is endorphin and lowers the level of manganese in them. Crying cleans up the head and makes you free from all the worries you are facing.


  1. They have lower stress levels: 


Stress is also a part of life and everyone faces stress. People cry when they are under a lot of stress, it will help them relieve their stress. It releases the exhaustion which is there in your mind and makes you free from negativity. As you all know that stress is related to many lifelong problems such as hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases, etc. Crying will take you away from stress and from these problems as well.


  1. Emotional intelligence is better in people who cry: 


People who cry are having a better score on the emotional intelligence scale or the EQ scale. They are having better accessibility to their emotions and are more aware of them. They are more in a touch with their emotions and feelings and are able to explain them in a much better way as compared to people who do not cry.


  1. They are not afraid of their emotions: 


People think that crying is a weakness but it’s not the thing. Crying is being human. Crying will make you aware of your emotions deeply. And you will be able to come out of the negativity and pain you may be facing.


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