What is Permanent Happiness? How to Achieve it ?

What is Permanent Happiness? How to Achieve it ?


What is happiness? What is the purpose of my life? These are common questions to which most of us seek answers.


To understand the purpose of life we need to go deeper. We need to understand and analyze every moment of life to understand life’s purpose.


Running behind pleasures is not the purpose of life and happiness does not lie in accomplishing pleasure. We need to go deep into it to achieve happiness.


We know pleasures are temporary. They come and go still we spend our whole life running behind pleasure. By pleasure I mean our comfort zone, likes, and dislikes. Till things go according to our comfort zone we are happy. This is the attitude most of us have towards life and becomes a habit. As soon as things go out of our comfort zone we get scared, fearful, and restless. We are running in a hidden circle of pleasure and if any obstacle comes we become insecure.


Experts believe, to achieve true happiness we should first identify and break the cause of sorrows. The main causes of sorrows are dependencies, expectations, and fear. Other causes also exist but if we work on major causes of sorrows these minor causes are dealt with automatically.




Our whole life is surrounded by dependencies. Dependency on parents, clothes, food, places, relationship, friends and the list continues. Wherever we find a comfort zone in things around us, we start getting dependent on them.


For example, You are dependent on maids for cleaning, cooking, and other activities.




Dependencies are linked to expectations. The expectation of gaining material pleasure. If I have this I will be happy. If I don’t have that I will be sad. Conditions are making our life deviate from the path of happiness. Remove conditions and expectations from life. Less expectation means more freedom.


For example, Maid should not take more holidays




Fears are connected to beliefs and things that are taken up from education, religion, and society. Fear continues to harm you till you face it. Face your fears by looking them in eyes and accept your fear. The moment you accept fear you experience the state of freedom.


For example, if the maid will quit the job what I will do?


The moment we start addressing our dependencies, expectations, and fears, we start accepting ourselves, and the more we accept more we get closer to freedom and happiness.


Permanent happiness lies in a stable and peaceful mind. Stop running after pleasure to achieve permanent happiness. Increase acceptance to open gates of permanent happiness.


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