7 Tips to Stay Calm In Tough Situations

7 Tips to Stay Calm In Tough Situations


There are many reasons for anger in your life.  Anger makes you explosive and you may have not found a way out to control it and calm yourself. Although being impatient will not kill you but it's quite dangerous for you as well as the people around you. It will have a negative impact on the people around you. Impatient behavior will make your loved ones away from you. 



Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.                               ~BUDDHA



Yes, it is a normal part of your life. Maybe the situation is difficult and you do not know how to deal with it or maybe in jeopardy on how to control it.



Some tips to try the next time you feel anxious, stressed, in panic, or anger:



  1. Try breathing: 



Breathing is one of the most effective techniques used in reducing anger and anxiety. When you get anxious or angry, take a shallow breath, this will send positive signals towards your brain and helps you in activating the fight and flight response system. 



  1. Admitting your anger or anxiousness: 



When you allow yourself to accept that you are anxious or angry, it helps you in decreasing your anger and anxiety.



  1. Challenging the thoughts you are experiencing: 



When you are anxious or angry you are trapped in an irrational thought process. You may be facing questions such as “what if something negative happened?” Etc.



When you are following irrational thoughts, then you should ask yourself the following four questions:



  1. Is this likely to happen again?

  2. Is it the worst?

  3. Is my thought an irrational one?

  4. Had this same situation or thought ever happened before?



Now you got the questions and it’s time to reframe your thoughts you are getting after the irrational thoughts. 



  1. Keep releasing your anxiety or anger: 



Keep releasing your anger by engaging yourself in one of the other sorts of physical activity. Try to walk in the morning or evening or just after the situation. It will only make you anger free but also refreshed and free of every stress.



  1. Visualizing your calm: 



Take long breaths and try to visualize yourself in calm. Now try to imagine yourself in a stressful situation and how you are handling it. Now visualize that you are finally out of the situation. This technique will also help you manage your stress and anger.



  1. Listening to music: 


When you listen to music you help yourself to calm. It will give your mind some calming effects and help you get rid of the stress. 



  1. Change your focus:



 Change your focus from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This will help you keep yourself away from anger and stress. 



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