Why Do You Find Faults In Others And How To Stop It?

Why Do You Find Faults In Others And How To Stop It?


It is universal that people tend to find faults in others. Your elders have already taught you that you should not find faults in others. But this habit persists and you keep on finding faults in others. It is basically your ego which is finding faults in others, so that the attention may shift from ego to others. The thing is it is quite easy to find faults in others and don’t recognize your own faults. You think that problems are in others, and you tend to project your faults on others. Because you don’t want to face the problems in yourself.



You also find faults in the people who are good at nature and have attractiveness or qualities in them. Your ego is formed in such a way that you cannot say positive about others. It makes you feel good about yourself but only for a few minutes or a very short period of time.



People who are continuously finding faults in other people are harming themselves only. This is ruining their lives and they are not even realizing it. When you constantly focus on the problems of others, you are limiting your own happiness. This will also make you go into depression and you may isolate yourself from the most precious and lovable relationships in your lives. You are also making people away from you even when they want to come close to you. This is also providing negative energy around people who are around you and also killing the cells of your body with the negativity you are creating.



Why Do People Find Faults?



You are humans and you are born with some basic characteristics by default that you tend to find faults in other people. And you can only reduce it by some efforts which are done consciously. The reasons why people tend to find fault contains the art of finding negatives in other people. People are never happy with others and tend to see negatives instead of positives in them. The feedbacks they prefer is a correction in them and neglecting the positives.



Another reason is the ego which is much above anything and wants to satisfy itself. The ego needs appreciation from the outer sources and when this is not fulfilled you are finding faults in them so that you can feel better. By insulting others in some or the other way, your brain is boosting its self-esteem to feel happiness.



People who are finding faults in others must have some deep-rooted insecurity in them. They must have struggled badly in their childhood. There is a sign of insecurity that you judge people so often and find faults in them.



People when jealous of others also find faults in them. The things in which you find faults reflect the things you don’t like about yourself.



How To Overcome The Habit Of Constant Fault Finding?



  1. One way to cope with this habit is to get a new habit which will make you aware that you had a habit of fault-finding in others and it will also make you full of excitement and wonders of life. And in turn, the habit of fault-finding will become old and stale.

  2. When you are having some new experiences, you are not relating anything to your past experiences. You tend to explore the things around you in a very positive way.

  3. When you are happy your ego also subsides as now you are enjoying life and its wonders.

  4. Another way is to look around you, the much bigger things you are having i.e. your nature. You cannot find faults in others as it seems foolish to find one. Nature like the sky, moon, sun, stars, mountains, etc should be enjoyed and looked upon.

  5. One way is to correct the errors with yourself using the introspection method. Try finding ten faults or errors within yourself and then you will know about the dirt you are having within yourself. It is quite easy to point fingers at others and needs the courage to find your errors. But when people are finding the faults in themselves, they get busy with the waste they are having within themselves.


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