Life Exists even in Battle Ground

Life Exists even in Battle Ground


During the fight of Mahabharata in Kurukshetra, a Lapwing (red wattled lapwing bird) came to Krishna with her request. She said in this fight we might lose our home.  I am not worried about myself but scared and concerned about my kids. She was fearful about the life of her children who were still in the egg. She requested Krishna's safety of her children.  To which Krishna smiled, asked lapwing to have patience, and started looking around the arrangements of Kurukshetra ground.  


He asked Arjun, to target the big bell with his arrow that was hanging around the neck of Elephant. Following Krishna’s order, Arjun shot his arrow and the bell fell down on the ground. After that Mahabharata fight continued for 18 days. Everywhere there was blood, death, and injury. Fear, terror and negativity were prevailing in the whole environment.


After 18 days when the fight was over Krishna went to that place where the bell from the elephant’s neck was fallen. He asked Arjun to take up the bell from that place. As he picked up the bell to his surprise he saw four baby lapwing birds were dancing and singing. In the death ground of Kurukshetra there existed new life.


This is what defines patience and belief. People should have patience and believe in themselves to find solutions.  In difficult time always have patience, faith and believe on yourself and your god. Negative thinking will not take you anywhere. In fact, negative thinking evens out all capabilities to find solutions.  


This pandemic crisis is the same battleground as Mahabharata. There is death, fear, and anxiety prevailing everywhere. The whole world is mourning. Other then taking safety precautions and vaccine shots we all should have patience and belief. Patience will help you to stay positive and deal with this crisis. Our thinking should be “Have patience, this time will pass and we will be back to normal life soon”.


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