Do You Also Blame Railways For Allotted Seat?

Do You Also Blame Railways For Allotted Seat?


Have you ever blamed railways for inconvenient seats or birth allotted? Do you know why you are not allowed to choose a seat while booking a railway ticket? You will not believe but the technical reason behind it is PHYSICS.


Booking a seat on a train works quite differently. While designing the booking mechanism or software for railways' safety of passengers was a major concern. Indian railway ticket booking software has been designed in such a way that it book tickets in a way that load is distributed evenly in the train.


Let me take an example to make things more clear – train numbered S1, S2 S3... S10 are sleeper class coaches and each coach has 72 seats. So when someone books a ticket for the first time, the software will allocate a seat in the middle coach that is S5, the middle seat numbering between 30-40, and preferably the lower berth (the railway booking software first fills the lower berth than the upper one) so as to obtain the low center of gravity.


The software books the seats in such a way that there is uniform passenger distribution in all the coaches and the seats are filled starting from the middle seats (36) to the seats near the gate i.e. 1-2 or 71-72 from lower berth to upper.


The main motive of this approach is to ensure a proper balance and each coach should have equal load distribution.


That's why when you book tickets at the eleventh hour, you are always allotted an upper berth and a seat around 2-3 or 70, except when you are not getting the seat of someone who has canceled their seat.


What if railways book tickets randomly?


A train runs on a rail at a speed of about 100 km/h. So a lot of forces and mechanics are working on the train.  Just imagine if S1, S2, S3 are completely filled and S5, S6 are completely empty and others are partially filled. When the train takes a turn, some coaches will withstand maximum centrifugal force and some minimum, and this makes the train more likely to derail.


This is a very technical aspect, and due to the huge difference in the weight of the coach when the brakes are applied different braking forces act in each coach, so the stability of the train again becomes an issue.


The railway booking software is designed keeping saftey and well-being of passengers as well as the train in mind.


The main motive of this whole story is to make you all understand not be judgmental. Without knowing complete things we should not be angry, disappointed, and sad and express judgments.


Another important thing to focus upon here is that our mind is also delicate and we should keep our thoughts balanced else our life will also be derailed.


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