Why Breathing Exercise Should be a Daily Practice

Why Breathing Exercise Should be a Daily Practice


The terrific second wave outbreak of covid 19 is shrinking day by day and we are moving towards normalcy. The second covid outbreak has made people spiritually oriented. Many of us have made habit of sitting in pooja room and praying for wellbeing of all. Some who were never spiritually oriented have also started engaging in spiritual activity.



Along with spirituality people are giving equal importance to yoga and meditation. Many of us has started doing yoga and meditation especially breathing exercises. People who were never interested in yoga and meditation have also made this their daily regime. Breathing exercise help in keeping mind and body calm as well as helps in lungs exercise. Covid tend to affect lungs and breathing exercise strengthens lungs that is why it is becoming daily regime of people. But along with lungs breathing exercise is helping in keeping stress level low.



Breathing exercise is a good weapon to fight stress and anxiety says psychologist Dr. R.K. Suri. Breathing exercise alerts parasympathetic nervous system to slow the heart rate which helps in calm down. This is why psychologists suggest breathing exercise to people suffering with anxiety issues. Breathing also helps in controlling stress by sending signals to sympathetic nervous system.



Psychologists says taking slow breaths give signal to brain to calm down and rapid breath gives signal to lower stress.



Pandemic has not only affected physically but mentally also. Many people got anxiety and stress issues due to pandemic crisis. Overthinking and fear has made people go mentally ill. Anxiety, depression and OCD are common mental issues which many people are suffering from. That is the reason many people have adopted yoga and meditation regime.



Continuous suggestion has been coming since start of pandemic by psychologists to practice yoga and meditation at least for 15 minutes to keep us mentally fit.


Common benefits of breathing exercise are:


  • Lowers heart rate and keep mind calm
  • Removes toxins from body
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Helps improving immunity
  • Better sleep
  • Strengthens lungs
  • Increase concentration



We are moving towards normalcy and we will be free soon in future. Till then keep practicing breathing exercise for staying both physically and mentally fit.



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