3 Forces of Your Life: Motivation, Instinct and Will Power By APJ Abdul Kalam


Worth sharing learning by APJ Abdul Kalam

We all carry three types of powers inside you. First, our motivations and impulses, the reasons behind which we do not know. Second, our tendencies. Each one of us is inclined towards something or the other - some are inclined towards music, while some people are interested in scientific subjects. And the third thing is will power. Every moment these three forces work together to advance our life.


I present this picture through the example of the bow and arrow used in archery.


The arrow in the quiver, which is hung on the shoulder of the archer, represents the inspiration and impulse within us. The arrow that the archer just released from his bow represents the archer's instinct, and the arrow currently in the archer's hand represents the archer's freedom to do something with the will. He may even decide not to shoot this arrow. In this way, nature is that thing which can neither be changed nor its effect can be eliminated, but we always have the freedom to do something according to our will power.


The question arises that if the motivation and attitude are already there, then what can you do with your will power? I would say that these two sides of a person's condition, our instinct and our will power, are like two halves of a scissor. One part is the freedom to act by will power and the other is motivation and instinct. When both the parts move together, the scissors do their job. You cannot cut fabric with just one part of the scissor. Similarly, for an action, both the motivation and the freedom to act by instinct and will is necessary. You are the creator of your destiny. Every thought, feeling, desire and deed creates a force. Good and bad both affect us, and dominate us until we strike a balance between them.


How to react, positively or negatively, to your circumstances, inner motivations, tendencies and your destiny is in your hands. It is always in your hands. After all, come, you are the creator of your own destiny. Every thought, feeling, desire and deed creates a force. The creative person is motivated by the will power to do something or the other. Whatever you do, it becomes a part of your skill and strength, which can help in achieving better results in future.


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