Importance of Sacrifice in Human Life

Importance of Sacrifice in Human Life


Sacrifice has an important role in human life. Even we have to sacrifice our first breath to take a second breath. Sacrifice is not just an action but is a feeling. Apart from separating us from worldly attachment, it also becomes decisive in the formation of our personality. In the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata, it is said that "there is no happiness like a sacrifice". Swami Ramtirtha also says that "There is no other power in this world except sacrifice". Not only man, but God also did not get success and glory without sacrifice.


God Shri Rama's name is considered a true icon of sacrifice. By obeying the orders of his father, Shri Rama gave preference to the forest by leaving the palace. Before taking the step to exile he was only Rama but after the completion of exile, he was revered as Maryada Purushottam Rama.


Similarly, Arjun and Duryodhana went to seek help from Shri Krishna before the Mahabharata war. Then Arjuna left Shri Krishna's Narayani Saina and chose Shri Krishna because Arjuna knew that it is enough to be with God. If Arjuna had been fascinated by Krishna’s Narayani Saina, then perhaps the result of Mahabharata would have been different.


Prince Siddhartha sacrificed material values to free humanity from suffering. As a result of this process, he became God Buddha from Siddhartha.


In modern history, Mahatma Gandhi presented a unique example of sacrifice before all of us. He sacrificed his personal pleasures for the interest and independence of the country. Due to the sacrifice of happiness, his personality became such that he became the father of the nation. In fact, the person who can sacrifice his happiness in the interest of others rises above the ordinary man and becomes a great human. Such great human beings become the source for the welfare of society, country, and the world.


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