Why Conduct of Life Should be Virtuous

Why Conduct of Life Should be Virtuous


Virtue means gentlemen conduct or good conduct. Truth, non-violence, faith in God, friendship, following great man are all included in virtue or righteousness. A person who follows virtue is called a virtuous person. A person who behaves contrary to virtue is called a misdemeanor. A virtuous person is appreciated in society. Honesty is the best means of virtue.


According to a proverb, if money is destroyed there is no special loss, if health deteriorates there is some loss but when character is lost everything is destroyed.


A man’s personality is reflection of his character. The person who is not virtuous is sure to fall and collapse. Ravan had everything wealth, splendor and knowledge but everything was destroyed due to his misconduct.


According to the story of Mahabharata if modesty of king is destroyed then his religion is destroyed.


Virtue protects man form evils like lust, anger, attachment etc. The spirit of non-violence terminates cruelty of the mind and awakens the feeling of compassion, sympathy and kindness. Nature of forgiveness, tolerance etc does moral upliftment of man and a feeling of generosity towards human beings to animals and birds is created. In this way, by imbibing the quality of virtue, the character of a person becomes bright and conscientiousness arises in him. Man can never achieve his goals without virtuousness. The person who has the qualities of truthful speech, generosity, humility and sympathy, is called virtuous. We should definitely imbibe such values. Considering the character of Ram Krishna and Gandhi as ideal, one should behave justly. True building of the nation and true progress is possible only when every Indian takes a pledge to become virtuous.



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