‘Personality’ is the collection of internal traits or characteristics which are relatively stable and develop as an individual grows up. These characteristics together make us different from others and the components of personality include ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. ‘Personality Disorders’ are certain traits or parts of personality that makes it very difficult to live with others and even oneself. There are traits you don’t seem to be able to change for better even knowing that it negatively affects not just you but especially the people you connect with. According to Dr. R.K Suri best psychologist in delhi, personality disorder make it difficult for people to maintain healthy relationship with you. People have problem with your behavior or nature and certainly they start keeping distance from you. This ignorance affect person negatively and he/she start getting depressed. So consulting a psychologist is best option if you want to overcome personality disorder and stop yourself getting depressed.



Dr. R.K Suri says personality disorder is diagnosed by analyzing behavioral pattern, clinical observation, social history and mental behavior of person over the time in different situations. Some projective, semi projective and different rating scales are also used for assistance in diagnosis.



Type of personality disorder:



  1. Cluster A ‘odd or eccentric’
  2. Cluster B ‘dramatic, emotional or erratic’
  3. Cluster C ‘anxious and fearful’



A person can suffer from more than one particular type.


Some major causes of personality disorder are:




  • Childhood issues like extreme aggression, short tempered, stubborn and habit of disobeying.


  • Slightly different brain structure and way in which chemicals are released and transmitted in brain.


  • Overuse of drugs and alcohol


  • Anxiety, depression or other mental health issues


  • Financial problems


  • Significant loss like death of loved ones in young age


  • Problems in love life, breakup or feeling dumped.


Signs that a person having personality disorder:



  • Difficulty in making close relationships


  • Unable to co operate or adjust  with people at work


  • Never be able to get along with friends or family


  • Unable to control feelings, emotions and behavior even after being pointed out repeatedly by other about inconvenience or discomfort that other have because of you


When these persistent problems create frequent feeling of anger, distress and sadness towards others than there is possibility of some personality disorder.


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