The Importance of Personal Care & Hygiene

The Importance of Personal Care & Hygiene


Health is wealth! Why everyone remembers this only after getting sick? The habit of maintaining personal care is the responsibility of everyone and bound to follow it. It must be done from time to time, so you will never get sick.


Only after getting sick, you swear to keep the surrounding area clean, take care of your health, and so on. But when you were healed, and the routine begins, these things fall behind. You forget the determination made with yourself.


Here we are going to tell you some basic yet important things like why hygiene is so important, the best ways to practice it, and how you can change the habits to make yourself feel and look better.


What is Personal Care & Hygiene?


Personal care & hygiene is nothing but taking care of your body which includes regularly brushing your teeth, taking care of gums, washing hair, bathing, especially cleaning your hands, and many more. As we all know, there are a lot of bacteria and viruses present in our body.


Some kinds of bacteria are right & it protects the body from the attack of viruses. On the contrary, the viruses, as well as bacteria, live longer on your body. After a certain period, if it stays on your body, it can be harmful and possibly will make you sick. Here personal care practices can prevent you and the people around you from spreading illness & disease.


Furthermore, it can also help you to feel good about your appearance. But a person with poor personal hygiene practices only provides growing germs and a lot of infection. In this case, such grooming habits will reduce the threat of bacteria.


Why Personal Care & Hygiene is Important?


According to research, only 55% of people globally reported with good personal hygiene. These surveyed people adapted such a lifestyle in which personal care is at the top of their list; perhaps the following points are responsible for it.


  • They were made aware of the importance of personal hygiene from an early age.
  • This is considered a way to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of the peoples around you.
  • Lack of hygiene increases the risk of getting sick frequently.


Maintaining good personal care & hygiene is most important for many reasons like personal or social relations, psychologically, for a way of healthy life & good health. Besides it directly impacts the lives of the people who are around you.


Keeping a good standard of personal care like regular cleaning of your hands, face, mouth & hairs; degrades the spread of infections, illness, and smelly odours from the body. If all these things strictly followed, then there are no chances of any embarrassment at school, college, or office.


What are The Different Ways to Maintain Personal Hygiene?


Many health practices help people be fit and stay healthy. That means keeping every part of the body clean, from the head to the toenails. The following are some ways to maintain personal hygiene.


Wash Your Hands


If you genuinely want to maintain personal hygiene then hands are the best part to start it. Hands often used for every single task, whether it’s big or small along that unknowingly touching many surfaces, this makes hand the immense virus and germs carrier.


Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid spreading infections & diseases. Wash your palms on every occasion after managing garbage, sneezing, coughing, or after the use of the bathroom. Wash your hands with water & soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. That goes a long way towards preventing the spread of viruses & germs.


Bath Regularly


Take a bath of warm water twice a day. Thousands of sweat glands cover the human body when bacteria get mixed into the sweat, creates bad smelly body odour. Bathing every day will keep both the body and mind happy and cheerful besides that it prevents skin itching or irritation.  


Bathing will help you to get rid of the virus on your body as well. Washing hairs daily removes the excess oil volume and makes head lice & dandruff -free. It is your responsibility to clean the following body parts regularly while bathing,


  • Neck
  • Elbows
  • Armpits
  • Back
  • Knees
  • Groins
  • Belly
  • Feet


Trim Your Nails


Grown fingernails can carry dirt, viruses, and germs directly into your mouth. Wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds on each side properly as dirt and germ can easily stay there for a long time. So, keeping nail short can help to reduce the risk of spreading infections.  


Brush and Floss at Every Morning and Evening


Brush your teeth twice a day with floss. Just brushing your teeth and turning them white doesn't mean it's clean. Everyone should follow the dental care routine that prevents gum disease, tooth decay, cavities & bad breath.


Make sure to store the toothbrush in a neat, dry place and change it regularly. Brushing minimized the number of bacteria in the mouth that can cause several infections.


Do Not Share Towel, Razor, and Inners


Never let anyone else uses your towel, razor, or inners. Naturally, these things increase the risk of infecting others. These things are taking care of your body very intensively; therefore, it is a must to disinfect all these things regularly.


Sleep Well


7 to 8 hours of sleep at night will be very beneficial for your body so that you can feel refreshed and ready to take on the day every morning. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired, sluggish, and can weaken your immune system, so plenty of sleep is essential to prevent this from happening.


Wear Clean Washed Clothes


Wash the clothes you wear after each use so that germs and impurities removed. Germs and dirt can cling to your clothes. Washing clothes is essential if you are visiting or in contact with a sick friend or family member. Remove all traces of germs by adding antiseptic liquid or disinfectant into your laundry. After washing, it will come out clean and smell fresh whenever you wear them. 


List of Personal Care & Hygiene Products


The following products are useful & beneficial for maintaining personal hygiene. These items will be available everywhere, but if you never get what you want, you will have to pay more. In such a situation, just don't panic and always take a look at VoucherArena’s wellness coupon codes, offers & deals. Here you just don't need to spend too much for the following mentioned products.


Hand Sanitizer Gel


Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based gel containing 60% of alcohol that removes germs & bacteria from hand. It typically comes in foam, liquid, or in gel form. It is advisable to use when you are out and no arrangement for washing hands or when soap & water are not available.


Tongue Cleaner


Next comes, a tongue cleaner which is an oral care tool used to clean the tongue surface. It comes in different types of material like plastic, copper, or stainless steel. Its primary benefit is removing odour molecules from the mouth that are on the tongue; an oral study is evidence of that. Tongue cleaning is much more insignificant than brushing, flossing, and washing the face.


Facial Tissue


Facial tissues are firm, soaked, one-time use, and hence it is appropriate to use on the face. Besides, It can be used to prevent sudden sneeze or cough, when you don't have a handkerchief. When used, this tissue should be disposed of properly, and if not disposed of properly, it can infect the people around it.  


Cotton Pads & Swabs


Cotton pads are used for medical as well as cosmetic purposes. For medicinal purposes, cotton pads are used to stop bleeding from minor injuries; here, cotton pads are tied with bandage tapes, so it doesn’t move over the wound. Cotton balls are the same as cotton swabs having the same uses.


Wet Wipes


It is a small moisturized piece of tissue paper that is generally used for cleaning purposes like personal hygiene & household cleaning. Wet wipes are used to clean face or hands while travelling. Also, can be used to clean the surface where the risk of infection is high.


Sanitary Napkins/Pads


A sanitary pad is a type of feminine hygiene product that worn externally. Sanitary napkins are an absorbent pad that is worn inside the underwear when menstrual cycle or in any other conditions where absorbing the flow is necessary. Every woman should use the pad; so, the discomfort during those difficult days will be less, and also it will prevent them from being infected.


Body Wash & Face Wash


Sweat, oil, and dirt are the main enemies of the skin. No matter how much you care for skin, at the end of the day, it looks dull, oily, and cloggy. To avoid all this, you should wash your face regularly with face wash and take a bath with applying body wash whenever possible. That gives a soothing experience and feeling of relaxation.







A toothbrush is an oral hygiene tool used to clean the teeth, gums, and tongue. A toothbrush with tightly huddle bristles cleans the hard to reach the area around the teeth & gums. Proper care is needed to keep the teeth healthy. Medium bristle toothbrush and suitable toothpaste is a great combination to protect teeth from the cavity, tooth decay, etc.


Toilet Paper


Toilet paper is nothing but a tissue paper used to wipe bodily fluid and to clean after urination. It’s a protection layer for the hands during these processes. It comes as a long strip of paper wrapped around the cardboard reel to store in a dispenser near the toilet.


All in all, maintaining personal hygiene is not that difficult. If you decided a routine for personal hygiene, then in a short time it will become your habit. This habit of yours will motivate other people in the house or even your friends to follow a personal hygiene routine.