Understanding And Dealing With Hot Flashes

Understanding And Dealing With Hot Flashes


Hot flashes are the most common symptoms which are experienced by many women. And if you are getting them, you are not alone. It is basically a fact of life and every woman has to experience it at some point in time. These are the sudden intense feeling which can come during the day or at night. Hot flashes can even come while you are sleeping and make you wake up. They occur naturally and are uncomfortable for you to handle. If they occur at night, they can disrupt your sleep and sleeping patterns also.


You experience hot flashes symptoms like:


Sweating, especially in the upper body parts, tingling sensations in the body, faster heartrate than usual, skin can suddenly feel warm and face can turn into red.


These hot flashes occur in different individuals differently. They may last from a few seconds to 10 minutes sometimes. The average time of occurrence of a hot flash is around 4 minutes. The frequency can also vary. Some of you have them a few times in a week while others have them many in number in a single hour.


There are some lifestyle changes and some form of treatments that can help lessen the symptoms and frequency of hot flashes, as suggested by Dr.R.K.Suri.


Here are some tips to deal with hot flashes:


  1. Avoiding triggers: The triggers for different women are different in nature. Some common triggers may be alcohol intake, taking caffeine, having spicy foods, anxiety and stress, tight clothing, smoking, etc. woman should stay away from these triggers so that they may not experience hot flashes. These triggers also cause night sweats in them. If you cannot remember them, try keeping a journal for triggers as well as the symptoms you are experiencing. Try writing down what do you experience when these hot flashes occur and what were you doing at that very period of time. It will help you in forming a pattern and then getting the triggers and avoiding them.


  1. Try establishing some habits which are helpful in avoiding hot flashes: Some habits may prevent women from getting these hot flashes. These include establishing a routine that is calming and reduces stress.  You should have a routine of exercise in a daily pattern, wearing clothes that are loose-fitting specially at night, try wearing clothes in layers so that you can remove them when required. Turn your pillow also when required and try to maintain a healthy weight.


  1. Try to find relief when you are about to sleep: There may be some things that may keep you cool during the night, like keeping a fan on your side table, lowering the temperature of your room, wearing cool and light clothes while sleeping, doing deep breathing exercises when you are at the bed to keep you relaxed, etc, these can make you cool and you may have less hot flashes comparatively.


  1. Taking supplements: Some supplements like black cohosh, primrose oil, and its supplements and having flaxseeds and its supplements, etc may also relieve you from the symptoms of hot flashes.

If you are unable to deal with your hot flashes, try taking the help of experts. TALKTOANGEL is an online mental health well-being platform to discuss your problems. Talk to the professionals to make your life better


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