Understanding covid-19 fear

Understanding covid-19 fear


“I have been facing lot of anxiety and fear in the past. The fear and the anxiety are real to me. I hope we are all pulled like a fraying string. Tight, wound up, and fragile. I feel it too. I find myself in the depths of unfathomable questions I never would have imagined a 3 months ago”. Is what Manisha told me during the session she has been having relationship issues of trust, infidelity, cheat and fear about loosing partner even after having been love with partner for 4 year before getting married. Yes, I worry about what happens if I get COVID-19. I worry about what it means for my family and my future patients who need me. After coming back from Hongkong in December 2019 with a big fight with my husband.


The disease which is caused by coronavirus is quite scary. It is spreading at a very fast rate. There is currently no particular vaccine or particular treatment for COVID-19 but researches are going on to create one. Scientists also cannot say how deadly it is or it may be, therefore people are getting fearful about this.


It is a new virus and therefore people are in panic and getting fear. WHO (world health organization) has declared it has a pandemic. Only because of this stock markets are going down and people are not using their logical approach, they are only hearing the rumors and believing them.


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But the reality is COVID 19 is having only 2% mortality rate. According to CDC 15419 people have died so far which is much less 52000 people who had died of common flu since October. While older people and those who have respiratory problems are at a much greater concern, some have mild symptoms which can be cured at home or they may be asymptomatic.



Fear of COVID 19


The measures which are taken to eradicate coronavirus from our society and our lives are making people worried. People are in a fear of living in quarantine. They are in a fear of being alone along with transmitting it onto their family members. These preventive measures are for their benefit. But people are getting frightened because the thing like this has never happened before.


People are in fear of the risk associated with this as they are not having objective knowledge about COVID-19. They are feeling lack of control over the things and there fear occurs. Because of this fear people are buying household goods in bulk, the medicines as well. For e.g. N95 masks are manufactured in limited quantity, it’s just for medical professionals or people taking care of COVID-19 patients. But due to panic and wrong information gathered from different sources, people are buying them and that too in bulk although it is a washable one.


Health care experts say that if people will continue with this irrational approach than price could be much greater than the virus will give us. People should consider their own decision making and work according to WHO’s (world health organization) guideline and not according to the rumors.


The isolation, social distancing and quarantine is the recommendations as prevention strategy, at an online platform led by Dr R K Suri leading Clinical Psychologist  you should consult  to have personalized support.