What is Emotional Cheating - Signs Of Emotional Cheating

What is Emotional Cheating - Signs Of Emotional Cheating


When you are in a marital or love relationship, there are times when you feel lonely and stressed. At one time the reasons may be that your partner is not able to give you time because of the pressure he or she is handling in the office. But there are other reasons also, maybe your partner is having an emotional affair with some other person. A physical affair is quite easy to detect but an emotional affair is not that easy to detect. This happens when two people interact with each other for a longer period of time, which takes the mutual consent of both the persons involved in it.

When a person is involved in an emotional affair then he or she may have late night chats and private conversations and it is tough to figure out if it's a real friendship or an emotional affair. When the other partner in the marital relationship comes to know about this then the emotional affair may be heartbreaking and trust-breaking for them.

Dr. R.K. Suri(Founder - Psychowellness center, Mentor - Talktoangel ) says that in his profession of 37 years he observed emotional cheating hurts more than physical cheating. When you are emotionally cheating it means that you are having an emotional connection with the person and you have crossed the lines. This may hurt your partner emotionally.

Signs that a person is cheating you emotionally

There are some signs to know that your partner has emotionally and romantically checked out of the relationship with you. They are:

Hiding phones:

When your partner is suddenly making you away from their mobile phones or they don’t want you to come closer to them while they are using their phones, it simply means that they are hiding something from you. Basically, your partner gets annoyed when you get closer to them while they are using their phones. When there is a notable increase in their texting and use of social media, then also chances are something fishy is going on. It is also possible that your partner has started carrying the phone to the bathroom.

Sharing has been stopped:

When you are in a relationship, you can share almost everything that happened in a day with your partner. The things from most boring to everything that happened during the day. But now your partner has stopped sharing with you and when you ask them, they simply say that it was fine, etc. Being a sensible person you should think over your partner's changed behavior.

Uninterested in being intimate with you:

When your partner is not taking the initiative of having sex with you or when you take the initiative they simply detach themselves away from you, which is a clear sign that he or she may be having an affair with some other person. There are symptoms like less kissing, less hugging, less holding hands or no touching, etc which may give you a red flag about these abrupt changes in them.

Your relationship is degraded:

It simply means that you are getting more distant from your partner. You are fighting more and exchanging anger more instead of love and care. Your partner blames you for everything and exchange negative words. When these things happen it gives a clear red flag that your partner is emotionally cheating on you.

Feeling bad about yourself:

When you are in a healthy relationship with your spouse, it gradually builds up your self-esteem with the progress of the relationship. When it is going in reverse actions, it means that your confidence level is going down because your partner is continuously criticizing you for every single thing. They are not paying attention to you and not caring for you anymore.  This is a sign that your partner may be emotionally cheating on you. 

Being in such a relationship full of disgrace and criticism, you will not feel comfortable. These kinds of relationships usually don’t last and results in divorce or when in love relationship breakups. 

Don't let your relationship break. Try taking relationship counseling. Relationship counselors are the best persons who can help you face such tough situations. 

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