Who is The "Captain" of Your Life ?

Who is The "Captain" of Your Life ?


Your mind has two parts one is the Conscious mind and the other is the subconscious mind. The captain of your life should always be your conscious mind. To make you understand why the authority of your life should always be in hands of the conscious mind I am sharing an example of the ship.


The ship is controlled by the captain. Captain stands at the bridge of the ship. On the basis of looking at the surrounding he gives instructions to engineers sitting in the engine room. The engineers simply follow the instructions given by the captain for moving the ship. The engineer can’t see anything because they are sitting in the room. They just follow the captain's instructions. If they do not follow instructions given by the captain, the ship will go on the rocks. For everything to be operated successfully they need to follow captain instructions. The captain has a vision he can see and judge surroundings and environment. On the basis of which he gives instructions.


So the point is that captain has decisive authority because he has a vision. He can judge things and according to that, he gives instructions. These instructions will help the ship sail through correctly. The engineer can’t see anything so their instructions will always land the ship in trouble.


Similarly, your conscious mind is the captain of your life. Because the conscious mind has vision, it is logical. The conscious mind has the power to be decisive and reasonable. On the other hand sub-conscious mind is illogical, it cannot think or make decisions. Your subconscious mind has many thoughts running in it. They are all illogical. And these thoughts or instructions should never be taken up by your conscious mind. Just like ship’s engineers, your subconscious mind has no vision. And if you will take up instructions given by your subconscious mind your life will always be on wrong track. Always reject instructions given by your subconscious mind.


Believe in your conscious mind vision. Be logical, be reasonable and take decisions. Your life’s captain is your conscious mind. Always remember that.



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