Anger Management

Anger Management


Anger is a fundamental emotion experienced by everyone. Since childhood itself, people learn ways to express anger by imitation of angry behavior modeled around them, by their own experiences and seeing what can be escaped with the help of expression of anger. Anger is the only emotion that helps in ‘survival’ when used appropriately. Problem arises when anger is taken as the primary means of expression of need  leading to usage of inappropriate ways and threats as weapons to get things done our way.


How to control Anger




When you feel angry try relaxation technique like deep breathing it really helps you calm down and stop you from saying or doing any activity which you regret later. Dr R.K Suri says deep breathing helps to slow down your breathing which speeds up as you grow angry. Do exercise or running regularly as exercise help in reducing stress which make you angry.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy:


According to Dr.R.K Suri  best psychologist in delhi Cognitive behavior strategies change the way you think.CBT works on your thoughts, behavior, emotions and changes your attitude. In anger management CBT works on thoughts and emotions which make you angry. Once your attitude is worked upon you will start remaining calm.


How to achieve resilience


Recreational Drugs and Alcohol:


Many time people drink too much or get influenced by drugs and get their frustration out which they have not released for long. In drugs or alcohol influence people often behave weird which they would not have done if they were not drunk as suggested by Dr. R.K Suri


Identify your Triggers:


It is good to identify activities which trigger your anger like traffic jams or long queues. Work on your triggers and identify ways to calm you down so that whenever you encounter with things which trigger your anger you will not behave way you use to behave earlier.


Avoid Unnecessary Discussions:


Sometimes you are into unnecessary arguments and discussion with people which make you loosen your temper so avoid such discussions. Whenever you feel that a talk can lead to discussion which will make you angry it’s a sign that you should change the conversation or excuse yourself from taking part in that conversation.


Talk not Burst:


If you are upset with someone or somebody’s word hurt you, talk to them rather than shouting and showing anger. Anger never solves any problem in fact it worse and complicate things. Even in your family if something is bothering you or you are disappointed with something make a habit to talk rather than shouting or loosing temper.


All these steps will help in managing anger but nothing can be done in a day, you have to practice these skills regularly than only you will get benefit of it.


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