Characteristics of Best Marriage Counselor

Characteristics of Best Marriage Counselor


Do you and your partner are currently visiting a marriage therapist or counselor?  You spend countless hours discussing your relationship's problems, but there is no guarantee that your problems will be resolved by the person helping you through the process. The subjective qualities that are difficult to quantify but are present in excellent therapists are what set them apart from good ones.  The most important thing is that they recognize that everything depends on you and the effort you put out.  Instead of using the same strategy for every client, it is their responsibility to listen, utilize their expertise to keep you on the right path, and change their strategy so that it works best for you.

What is marriage therapy or counseling?

Marriage or Couple counsellor is frequently a brief, goal-oriented type of treatment. Although the average is closer to 12 sessions, most couples finish treatment in 20 sessions. Depending on the couple's objectives and the therapist's assessment made, marriage counseling may be conducted weekly or every other week. When both parties are equally committed to working together to find answers to marital problems and are prepared to put in the work both individually and as a pair, marriage counseling is successful.

Couples and marriage counseling can be beneficial for a range of issues that arise throughout a relationship or marriage. Couples might benefit from therapy by strengthening their relationship overall, dealing with specific marital challenges and communicating and expressing their individual thoughts and feelings. Take guidance from the Best psychologist in India.

Benefits of marriage counseling

Couples can work with therapists to express their differing viewpoints on matters like budgeting, child rearing, job, sex, and home task distribution. After an affair, couples may benefit from counseling to work through other problems including poor communication or trust-building.  Counseling for marriage and couples can assist couples with the following:

  • Maintaining contact after having a child.

  • Take care of the "empty nest"

  • Address the issue of general disconnection

  • Deal with changes in your sexual relationship or a lack of connection and intimacy

  • Making significant life decisions.

  • Navigate fidelity and betrayals

  • Restore friendship, respect, and trust.

Characteristic of best marriage counselor

  • Caring and compassionate

Effective Best psychologist delhi are sympathetic, which enables them to understand your emotional problems and marital concerns. Good therapists put you at ease and don't judge you or make you feel worse about the reasons why your romantic relationship is declining. You should feel relaxed and at ease with your therapist. Search for the Best psychologist Delhi.

  • Emotional stability

Counseling psychologist experience their own challenges and stresses, just like everyone else. Beware of a therapist who confesses in you about his or her personal issues! Good therapists don't discuss their emotional problems with you since they have already dealt with them. They are able to manage the pressure of assisting others in resolving interpersonal disputes and communication breakdowns without allowing their own problems to interfere.

  • Self-awareness

Successful marriage counselors are conscious of how their own culture, education, social level, values, and religious beliefs influence their work and how they relate to their clients. In order to help you focus on your own values and views, a therapist must put aside his or her own personal views.

  • Relationship building skills

An effective marriage counselor has interpersonal skills. To conduct their work well, marriage counselors must develop trust with their clients. The couple's connection skills with the counselor and with each other are a big part of the therapeutic features of counseling. Skilled therapists feel comfortable with treating many types of clients from different background.  Even if your marriage counselor has introverted personality features, they should feel at ease engaging with both you and your partner. Strong interpersonal skills include effective verbal and written communication. 

  • Helps Couple to Set Specific Goals

Setting goals should be helped by marriage counseling. A good Marriage counsellor will be able to assist them in establishing clear objectives. The success of the treatment should be measured against these objectives as well. Within two or three sessions, the couple needs to see progress. 

  • Tolerant and open-minded

If your marriage counselor is closed-minded, your relationship will not be saved. Choose a therapist who is sensitive to new ideas and cutting-edge research that may even question your ideas about love, emotional infidelity, and other marital issues. Your deep secrets and most humiliating issues can be revealed to a qualified counselor while you feel protected and at peace and rest.

  • A commitment to lifelong learning.

 The greatest marriage counselors or therapist are constantly studying new psychology research discoveries, as well as new techniques for interacting with clients and saving the relationships. A good therapist is continually improving their interpersonal and therapeutic abilities as well as increasing their knowledge.

  • Problem solving skills

Couples who are having problems frequently fail to see the bigger picture. There is reason for this. If they had known how to do it, they most likely would have already solved their marital problems. Their search for counseling demonstrates that, at least in terms of their marriage, their problem-solving abilities have failed. Their marriage counselor should be able to step in and provide some practical answers. The couple will rely on the therapist's problem-solving skills until they are better prepared to address issues on their own.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Dr. Sakshi Kochhar, Psychologist.