Common Relationship Problems in Young Couples: Resolve by Online Counselling

Common Relationship Problems in Young Couples: Resolve by Online Counselling


Enduring and satisfying relationships today are difficult. Relationships were not even simple until both parties were willing to adapt. A relationship can have its ups and downs. There is no denying that relationships in the modern world are difficult.

Our process of good relationships has evolved as a result of modern lifestyle changes. Our lifestyles have undergone a significant transition, and this change is visible in every part of our daily lives. Our relationships are directly impacted by these lifestyle changes. According to Dr (Prof) R K Suri, clinical psychologist, life and relationship coach, “as a life coach, I have a lot of clients who come to me with relationship issues. Modern relationships are complicated and challenging to grow. Relationships today are short-lived and quickly break up”.  People would rather end a relationship than work out a problem. You may also seek Online Counselling for relationship problems in young couples at India’s best online platform at TalktoAngel,   where you can learn more about relationship counsellor and best online psychologists. Also, learn Techniques – Used by a Marriage Counsellor to Help Resolve Couple Conflicts.


Every person who voluntarily enters into a relationship will occasionally face difficulties. Any relationship issue, no matter how great or minor, can be resolved through open communication, respect for one another, and compromise. Learning how to talk about relationship issues peacefully and working to find solutions without divorcing is beneficial for couples. But occasionally, disagreements or unaddressed concerns might result in a breakup. It's crucial to know how to handle relationship issues and when to maybe end a relationship. You may also seek advice from the best Online Counsellor at TalktoAngel on relationship issues.  Understanding is the key component in healthier  & happier relationship.


Most common relationship problems

1. Limited time

Lack of time for either spouse is one of the most prevalent issues in contemporary relationships. Everyone is overworked as a result of the demanding schedule and busy lifestyle of today. People often struggle to successfully balance their personal and work lives. It makes time for Relationships scarce.

2. Healthy communication is absent

In my career as a life coach, I have provided counselling to numerous couples. Lack of communication is the one issue that every couple has consistently raised. In actuality, poor communication is the root of the majority of relationship issues. A distance develops between you and your partner when you stop communicating with them or sharing your worries and troubles with them. When neither of you takes an effort to communicate, this distance keeps growing. Everyone is autonomous and haughty today. People avoid making amends and communicating. They would rather give up on one another than communicate and work out their differences.

3. Fake Relationship

Well, one practice that many young people engage in is creating fictitious relationships. People enter into relationships without ever intending to love or maintain their spouse. Such connections are created using fabrications and fakery. People frequently take advantage of their spouses to fulfill their own goals. These could include physical, economic, or sexual wants. People frequently engage in fictitious relationships as a result of peer pressure or social standing.

4. Financial concerns and insecurities

Today's couples are self-sufficient financially. They are independent of one another in terms of their financial needs. However, disagreements start to arise when it comes to paying for costs associated with the shared house. Everyone seeks a mate with sound financial habits. Early on in your relationship, you and your partner need to make wise financial decisions. If you don't, dealing with these financial concerns may end up becoming one of your relationship's difficulties. You can have a lack of funds or have different spending habits from one another.

5. Trust is lacking in the relationship

The largest concerns in a relationship are those involving trust. If your trust has already been betrayed, it could be difficult to regain that trust. Most couples seeking relationship counselling struggle with their partners' trust. Trust is important, especially in the modern world. You shouldn't betray someone's trust if they have placed it in you. Being unable to trust one another as a couple is one of the deadly issues in contemporary relationships. Infidelity or adultery is not always the cause of a lack of trust.

6. Managing duties

Although discussing relationship issues may seem like a little matter, it is a significant one in the modern world. Both partners work today and contribute equally to both the home and the workplace. The days when wives would work outside and ladies would take care of the home are long gone. But these days, after a long 9 to 5 shift, both partners commute to work together and return home. One partner cannot be expected to handle all of the housework on their own. It is imperative to allocate responsibilities and carry out chores in a balanced way.

7. Career ambitions

Future generations are currently particularly anxious about their careers. Nowadays, developing one's own life and individuality is everyone's top objective. In fact, a lot of people avoid all types of relationships in order to focus on advancing their careers. In addition, life experiences may cause us to change. We might have experienced tragedy or a predicament from which you thought there was no way out.

Consider the possibility that both of you were motivated and ambitious when you were younger. But as you two developed as a couple in your relationship, one of you had to decide to put their personal life first. Due to a lack of childcare, the majority of women are forced to quit their jobs after giving birth. Even though it may have seemed like the proper choice at the time, something about it makes my heart hurt. Couples who are not in agreement about their life goals tend to drift apart quickly. Always be honest with your partner about your struggles and any changes in your priorities. They will comprehend whenever you can convince them to see things from your point of view.

According  Dr(Prof) R K Suri, Relationship Psychologist & Coach the common problems are like, mismatch in expectance, time challenges, personality issues, etc. and you can read more other common problems  couples face,