Factors that Impact Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace

Factors that Impact Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace


A healthy and mentally balanced work environment can be one of the main factors that determine the right job for the individual's personality and needs. Insufficient diversity, inappropriate work-life balance, employee’s lack of autonomy, and inadequate staffing could negatively impact the mental health of employees and their performance. This article reviews the most significant elements that affect mental health in the workplace. It's impossible to stay clear of the mental health hazards however knowing these risks can assist you in being more productive and achieving your goals for performance on time.

Job pressure and Job rotation

The more the job pressure in the workplace is, the higher the risk of developing stress within the employees. This leads to physical health issues as well as mental security risks for employees. Employees who have better control over time-bound deadlines and procedures and other aspects have a higher level of satisfaction with their jobs and are more motivated.

Certain companies rotate employees to do various jobs. While rotating work adds benefits to the experience of employees, however, it can also increase the anxiety and uncertainty in the lives of employees. A shift in work can affect employees' attention in their motivation, enthusiasm, and routine work, thus reducing overall productivity.

Maintaining a balance between work and life

Stressful late-night, high-pressure working life can exhaust you mentally. But employees with the right balance between work and life are happier and more productive. People who are successful in achieving an ideal balance between work and life are the people who plan their work ahead of time and incorporate themselves in social activities. It is crucial to discover methods that are beneficial to you to help you maintain your balance at work to ensure that you don't feel overwhelmed.

Employees who don't pay attention to their mental well-being are at a higher risk of harming colleagues, becoming unsatisfied, and having poor leadership skills. In order for employees to be able to adjust in the best way possible and remain healthy, they need to be aware of the factors that affect their mental health and find strategies like the Employees Assistance Program to support them.

Work beyond the office timing

Another reason that can affect the mental health of employees at work is working overtime. The mental health of employees is affected by the exhaustion and stress that comes with working all day long. This can lead to a decline of their working-life balance.

While sometimes it is acceptable to work late in order to meet deadlines, being late for work indicates an inability to organize as well as the part of the employees and their supervisors. The ability of employees to effectively manage their time is crucial to avoid stress and burnout. The confidence of employees and their ability to overcome obstacles will be enhanced if they finish their work in a timely manner. Furthermore, it will positively impact their mental well-being. take guidance from the Best psychologist in India or find the Best psychologist in delhi.

Internal and external politics

However, the toxicity of your workplace and internal politics are an inevitable part of the workplace. Work colleagues who gossip, backbite or refuse to accept responsibility for their actions can pressure you to take retaliation or apologize. The ethical issues that result aren't only stressful, they are also the most significant factors that affect mental well-being. The stresses are likely to intensify.

To prevent workplace toxicity and internal politics, all highly functioning organizations have created guidelines to avoid negatives and stressors that can affect the mental health of employees. In recent times, organizations have adopted a zero-tolerance policy that ensures that procedures are followed completely and not in part.  It is recommended to adhere to the standard policies of your organization to prevent toxic workplaces. Refer a good Counselling psychologist or Online counsellor near you at your convenience for good mental health support.

Inadequate recognition

The lack of recognition is another element that impacts mental health. Not being appreciated or recognized is the reason why employees quit their relationships with their employers. In the long run the loss of one employee or a high turnover cost employers a lot of money. Reward and recognition can also foster the team to compete in a healthy way. This in turn improves the overall performance of the team.

Leaders who are successful understand that rewarding the contributions of their employees is vital to establishing an atmosphere of work that is positive and healthy. A recent study discovered that 71 percent of the respondents were more motivated to work when they felt acknowledged and appreciated for their work. Like all employees workers, employees want to feel acknowledged and feel valued or at the very least, valuable. Leaders who acknowledge their employees' efforts ensure that their workplaces are pleasant and welcoming, and where employees feel at ease and productive. 


Micromanagement is detrimental to employees and their mental well-being. Micromanagement isn't simply a lack of trust, but is also indicative of a lack of leadership, communication and employee involvement. It's an indicator of the lack of autonomy and empowerment. A person who lacks confidence in their self confidence is often convinced they're not able to complete the job or resolve the issue at work.

Financial insecurity

It's common for employees to be worried that the company will be unable to earn a profit, and therefore cannot pay their typical salary. Employees' fear of the possibility of layoffs is an important reason for uncertainty, especially when their colleagues are facing layoffs.

It is crucial to hold regular meetings with the team where the leadership communicates the general development of the organization and also shares with the employees their goals for the future. It is also essential to inform workers of potential issues and threats for the company's future in the earliest time possible. So that tension and stress won't accumulate within the workplace.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Mr. Utkarsh Yadav, Psychologist.