How Aggression is Related to Gender Difference: Male & Female

How Aggression is Related to Gender Difference: Male & Female


Aggression is a strong desire and the act of letting the anger and frustration out in a harmful or hostile manner. In the process of which animals, humans, self, and objects are harmed either physically or verbally even if not meant to do so. According to psychologists aggressive behavior if ignored may lead to different health issues.


Root Causes of Aggression


According to the best Psychologists in west Delhi, there are no specific causes for aggression, but the possible causes are mentioned below.


Frustration can be one of the causes of aggression. According to a hypothesis (Dollard,1939), it is believed that frustration acts as a driving force for the goal of harming someone or something. Even social psychologists today believe this. Therefore we can say that frustration and aggression are somewhat related, however, it is not valid for every case as some individuals are not affected by their frustration, or they respond in other ways to their frustration such as by sadness, despair, and many more, but not by aggression. Dr.R.K.Suri is an expert psychologist in controlling aggressive behavior issues or aggression.  


Provocation can be another reason for aggression. Provocations can be in ways such as sarcastic remarks, unfair remarks, criticism, name-calling, insulting, teasing, condescension, etc. When we receive such provocations, it is pretty normal to feel angry due to such comments, and hence to express our anger, we take the help of aggression, and with the same intensity that we felt the anger, we try to show it on others with aggression. This is common behavior or pattern of aggression that is observed by the best psychologists in India while treating aggressive behavior issues.


In some cases where the status of our public image might be in danger in such a situation, it is possible to feel aggression. Social exclusion can be another reason for aggression. When we feel excluded or rejected by other people, then the benefits of social relationships are not enjoyed by us, and it also somehow negatively affects our self-image. This might make an aggressive person more aggressive. Violence on TV, in films, or even in video games is a potential reason for the aggression seen in children. This can be proved by the “Bobo Doll” experiment.

Gender difference in Aggression

It is usually considered for men to be more aggressive than women, but the reality is that men show a tremendous amount of aggression which produces pain and physical injury, and they engage more in physical aggression than women, whereas women show more indirect aggression, in which the harm is done indirectly through planning, strategy, etc. Verbal aggression is somewhat seen equally in both males and females, but probably slightly a bit more in males says some of the best psychologists in west delhi.

Situational Determinants

Temperature and aggression- it is seen after an experiment that high temperature reduced the aggression of people. People were more aggressive in low temperatures as compared to high temperatures. The reason for this is, when exposed to high temperatures, people felt so uncomfortable that their minds got diverted from the aggression to the uncomforted created due to extreme heat. But the drawback of this is that in this situation, people were exposed to high heat for a short time, whereas in the real world, they would be exposed for a longer duration, and hence the chances of lashing out at others are more elevated in the real world as they will be uncomfortable for so long that they would require to vent out their frustration and irritableness. Therefore there is some connection between heat and aggression.

Alcohol and aggression- Aggression is seen to be higher in people after they consume alcohol. Alcohol reduces the self-control of an individual says, psychologists. After drinking alcohol, it becomes difficult for individuals to accept positive emotions or feelings for people whom they disliked earlier.

Weapon Availability (such as a gun) and Aggression- it is seen that when males have guns in their hands, their aggressive behavior increases their testosterone level increases.

Prevention or Reduction of Aggression

There are certain ways to reduce aggression. One of which is punishment. When punishment is given in the right way (which is not possible most of the time), then it can be the best effective way to reduce aggression.


The self-regulatory process can be used to restrain aggression. Diverting the mind can help in reducing aggression as said by psychologists. Calming the mind and finding out the real cause for the trigger can sometimes help in aggression reduction. Writing the feelings of aggression also somewhat reduces it. Talking to someone helps vent the aggression in a calm manner.


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