How to achieve Self-Actualisation

How to achieve Self-Actualisation


When we try to achieve a goal like completing a course, it is quite easy and we can do it. But there are a lot many things which are not that easy to obtain. It would be nice if we could achieve things easily.  It's not about the destination, as many people have heard before. The journey is the key that matters. It's essential to remember and understand that self-actualization has nothing to do with reaching milestones and accomplishing objectives although there are many milestones and goals that might be presented there in the way to self-actualization.

It is actually the process of becoming something, the process of development. The process which might help you in becoming self aware, fulfilled, appreciated, and satisfied. It is basically the process of becoming who you are. This article will examine the concept of self-actualization, explain why it's significant, and make suggestions to help you in achieving self-actualization in the modern world.

What is self-actualization?

If you've heard of self-actualization before, you've probably heard ofThe hierarchy of needs theory put forth by Dr. Abraham Maslow. Self-fulfilment is how Dr. Abraham Maslow defined self-actualization. That is, the potential for someone to reach their highest potential. The desire to become more and more of whom one already is and all that one is capable of becoming might be used to describe this drive. To know more about it, seek guidance from the best Clinical psychologist or Online counselling. You can also take sessions by searching for the Best psychologist near me.

Maslow basically stated that you must attend to your most basic needs before you can achieve self-actualization in order to realise your entire potential, including your full development of skills and appreciation for life. Maslow classified these requirements into five groups:

  • Physiological needs (water, food)

  • Safety needs (shelter)

  • Social needs (love and belonging)

  • Self-esteem needs

  • Self-actualization

The visual representation of these needs is shown in the form of a pyramid. A person can only move to the higher level when they have fulfilled and attained the lower levels of the needs which are mentioned in the pyramid. Self-actualization, the top level of the pyramid, refers to reaching your maximum potential as a person. Education, skill development—the refining of talents in disciplines like music, athletics, design, cooking, and gardening—caring for others, and more general objectives like acquiring new skills, travelling through the world, and gaining honours or awards are all necessary for self-actualization. As a person achieves the self-actualization level of the hierarchy, they have plenty of creative energy to spend in their relationships, personal development, and growth. Seek help from the Best psychologist delhi or Counselling psychologist

Characteristics of a self-actualized person

  • A sense of purpose: A self-actualized person is at peace and happy in continuing to pursue their life's mission after having fulfilled their own vision of success and happiness through a variety of life events. They generally want to support people and the environment as well.
  • Self-determination: Self-actualized people are naturally motivated by self-esteem to achieve what they want rather than relying on external motivators like praise, excellent grades, or pleasing others. These people will have a clear understanding of what they want out of life and how they are going to get it, and they will approach problems head-on when they arise.
  • Acceptance and appreciation of others: A self-actualized person frequently develops deep connections with others. Self-actualized people keep a sense of humour and empathy even when they are at odds with others.
  • Moral clarity: Self-actualized individuals have faith in their moral conscience.They are free to follow their own moral principles while making decisions, regardless of what other people think.

Achieving self actualization

Understand and love yourself: Self-acceptance is the first step towards self-actualization, and it can only be attained by non-judgmental self-awareness and a thorough knowledge of one’s own self. Spend some time getting to know yourself—your needs, your weaknesses, etc. Be completely objective when discussing all of these factors with yourself. When recognising your talents, you can work on the things you wish to get better at.

  • Live by the present: A new appreciation of all conditions, both new and familiar, will result from staying in the now and letting go of worries about the future. You will be able to preserve perspective, curiosity, and gratitude for the little things in life with the help of these new experiences. Creating mindfulness practices can be beneficial for you on your journey.
  • Develop your independence: You must feel confident making your own decisions if you want to achieve self-actualization. Develop the ability to behave independently and get comfortable working alone. Instead of living your life in harmony with what your friends, family, or society may demand of you, live it as you see fit.
  • Eliminate negativity and self-doubt: The key to self-actualization is letting go of restrictive ideas since they can impose false negative restrictions and prevent you from realizing your entire human potential. Spend time and effort looking after your mental well-being and learn to spot negative self-talk when it occurs.
  • Improve your connections or relationships: Self-actualization is loving others and establishing deep connections or relationships. Be understanding of others' imperfections and accepting of them.
  • Have peak experiences: These enlightening experiences frequently take place in the natural environment, where you are grounded by how vast and interrelated the universe is. Maslow correlated these events with self-actualization and self-transcendence—the desire to be a part of the universe and nature.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & MS. Sakshi Kochhar Psychologist.