How To Look At Your Mistakes - 3 Ways

How To Look At Your Mistakes - 3 Ways


How many of you make mistakes? How many of you make mistakes in dealing with parents? How many of you make mistakes in judging people? Possibly the answer is yes for all because we all make mistakes in our lives. Making mistakes is part of our life.


In fact, you can see many successful people revealing in their interviews or blogs that their mistake was one of the reasons behind their success. Dr.R.K.Suri says that he has seen many people who are afraid of making mistakes. In his therapy sessions, he has seen people revealing that they try to extra cautious about not making mistakes. People feel scared to make mistakes thinking what others will think about them. They will be seen as fools in front of all. But the truth is mistakes are part of our journey.


Mistakes help you to


  • gain knowledge
  • teach humanity
  • learn resilience
  • be wiser


You don’t learn by following rules you learn by doing and by following over - Richard Branson   


If we stop making mistakes we will stop learning. The beautiful thing about mistakes is we can always correct them. Though some mistakes can be corrected and some cannot. It is completely normal to make mistakes.


  • If you shouted at your parents or friends you can always correct your mistake by saying sorry
  • If you judged someone wrong you can correct that
  • If you misbehaved with someone you can correct that


Life always allows us to correct our mistakes.


Mistakes make us think outside the box and come out of our comfort zone. Making mistakes does not define us. We all are human beings and nobody is perfect in this world. So never feel bad if you make mistake. Instead, accept it with full courage.


The mistake you made is not your judging factor but how you learn and recover from it is what defines you. You should have the ability to deal with mistakes. Our first approach in doing something is not to make mistakes. But we forget mistakes are inevitable. Our focus should be on recovering from a mistake.


As explained by Gaur Gopal Das 3 ways of looking at your mistakes:


Making mistakes is our NATURE. Acceptance of our mistakes shows our CULTURE. Correcting mistakes decides our STATURE.


There are some people who don’t accept mistakes. They don’t realize they are wrong. If you also find difficulty in accepting your mistake and that is bothering you try reaching out for professional help.


Progress lies in accepting and correcting our mistakes. Progressive life is all about accepting, correcting, and not repeating your mistakes with improvements.


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