Looking for Best Psychologist Near You?

Looking for Best Psychologist Near You?


Mental health is important for your holistic well being. Staying mentally fit is as important as staying physically fit. So where do you find a best psychologist near you? Psychowellness center is your “One Stop Solution” mental health wellness platform where you can connect with best psychologists in India.



Psychowellness Center follows 3 step approach of-



  1. Assessment;
  2. Evaluation; and
  3. remediation.



To provide complete diagnosis, and counselling for various areas of mental health concerns  like Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Sleep Issues, Relationships Autism etc.



With a team of best psychologists in India and best psychiatrists in India, Psychowellness Center works to analyze and understand thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour to help one feel better and find solution to mental health concerns, fear, phobia and promote holistic well-being.



Apart from getting counselling from the trained and certified therapists at Pscychowellness Center, one can also connect with Best Psychologist Near You “online” from comfort of your home as well through the best online mental health counselling platform- TalkToAngel



Dr. R.K Suri, founder of Psychowellness Center is one of the best psychologist available near you to help deal with mental health concern. He has expertise of over 39+ years in different mental health therapies to help people recover from any type of mental health concerns.



Dr. Suri also provides career counselling, marriage counselling, couple therapy, counselling, erectile dysfunction treatment.



At Psychowellness Center your search for best psychologist near you ends as child psychologists, clinical psychologists, sexual issues psychologists, relationship psychologists, marriage psychologists all are available. They use their expertise and skills for your well-being and cure.