Sigmund Freud was a pioneer, who believed in the idea that “Daydreaming is revelatory of the permanent condition or unfulfilled desire which is the hallmark of his general meta-psychological conception of human existence”.



Daydreaming is a way through which people escape reality and visualize their wishes. One has to suspend his or her consciousness from the present living world and go into that dreamy state of pleasure to daydream.



Although it has to be in the waking state. It is something everyone does on a daily basis without realizing it. Best Psychologists in India say that 47% of people engage in day dreaming.



It also helps the people realize their own strengths, weaknesses, fear, goals, hope and innermost desires. It is also true that sometimes we do it without any reasons and out of the context.But the basic purpose is to align the goals.



Remember that time you were looking outside your classroom window and zoned out into a fantasy world and totally lost touch with the lecture given by your professor? 



Daydreaming is basically an active process in which the subconscious mind gets active and works for the desired solution to our problems. It also makes the person happy with himself.



In the fantasy world, the individual doesn’t resist his will and fulfills his desires through his imagination. Mind-wandering is a mechanism of the awake state of consciousness. From our childhood to dreams at night everything has a common element which is known to be the human desire, which is to alter the existence of an unsatisfying and unpleasant world of reality.



This helps us to escape in a state which helps us in making ourselves free from reality and also our own anxieties. 



It also helps in recharging your brain. It is not only thinking about something but It is about finding solutions to your problems. It can also boost up your level of confidence and make you work towards developing better plans for your future.



Daydreaming helps you in the improvement of your memory also by helping you to create a vision of your own self. The memory is improved with the help of thoughts which are coming to the mind. When you are daydreaming you are remembering all things you are dreaming about. It will help you in the selection of the crucial problems you are facing and remove the unwanted ones.



In a way, daydreaming helps us cope with the stress and anxiety we feel, as it cuts down the noise of the “outside” world and allows our minds to float like a river. And when that happens, there is a state of calmness one feels, no matter how bad your day is going, that fantasizing is cathartic after having a bad day!



It is also a healthy activity, as we cannot occupy our mind and work it 24/7 in activities that are nonstop and require complete focus and attention.



One needs to relax and give a break to his or her mind. After a long day at work or arguing with a loved one, mind wandering is a helpful tool at our disposal to let ourselves loose a little and forget about the worldly issues and challenges we face in our day-to-day lives.



It is a common experience for all age groups. Sometimes, there are instances where daydreams can be very insightful and can help us gain perspective about certain situations and clarity of our needs. Because when we let our mind calm down and put it at rest through letting it wander in whichever way it wants to go, in this way it gets the time to rejuvenate itself and when we go back to the problem a few hours later or the next day, we feel fresher than before, maybe we also have an idea for a newer approach to the problem we want to solve or a challenging situation we wish to overcome. 



Daydreaming challenges our creative and abstract thinking and makes our minds free to think. Research has claimed that people daydream it is correlated with their higher levels of creativity. When our mind doesn’t have to walk one path and there are endless routes, twists, and turns it can take, it is truly free and creative. But when a person engages in daydreaming excessively, it is called Maladaptive Daydreaming which allows people to create their own reality which has a close link to the people who develop social anxiety because they are dependent on others, it is a part of their nature.



Although it appears negative for people who do it excessively, it gives people a number of benefits also. People should embrace their daydreaming process and let their thoughts roam freely. If people are feeling frustrated, by any situation, or any kind of problem which is happening in their life, they should just expand their imagination and creativity and give a try for daydreaming. This will help them to know what their mental pathways can bring in for them. 


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