What To Do About Changing The Past

What To Do About Changing The Past


The secret about changing the past is that you cannot change the past! 



Moving on and getting over does not mean you are not going to remember the past. It does not mean that you will wake up with amnesia one day and all your memory will be dissolved and destroyed. It simply means that you do not dwell in those memories anymore, you do not identify yourself with your past.



Sometimes we just cannot help ourselves but think about the things we have done, mistakes, regrets, and in some cases, get flashbacks from traumatic events, and such instances leave us feeling empty on the inside. A wishful thought to turn things around and correct our mistakes comes once in a while to each one of us or sometimes, something someone said continues to affect us.



You can hide your sadness behind a smile, you can wear a mask, you can wear a collar and tie but still, one thing you won’t be able to hide is when you are crippled inside. 



What if we could just let go of things that have happened in the past, and be present with the unfolding moment instead?



Life is an endless unfoldment, every choice that you will make, the path that you will walk, something new will be waiting for you on the new chapter of your life.



What if, we become conscious of the fact that thinking and living in the past is in reality affecting our present? The hurt and pain which you felt in the past are surfacing itself in the form of wishful thinking of “oh, I wish I had a time machine so that I could just do that one thing correctly” or “I wish I could go back and live that moment again. 



Good memories or bad memories, right or wrong, disagreements or agreements; are just ways to remain the way you are and resist changing yourself.



In this present moment, maybe you are feeling hurt, disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, jealous, and so on. 



Notice your feelings, notice the difficulty you are going through because of something that happened in your past and the pain that you feel is because of the narration/story/theory you have told yourself about some past event that is stuck in your head like glue.



The narration doesn’t mean what you are feeling is false or wrong in any way, but it will remain a narration as it is affecting your present moment. 



Let your emotions and feelings fully take over you, if you feel like crying, cry your eyes out, if you feel like shouting, hold a pillow against your mouth and shout! If that is what is going to make you feel cathartic. people should not repress the way they feel. When you try to Stay and face this feeling with courage — we usually try to avoid the feeling. Love and take care of the feeling which you are facing just like you love and care for your best friend. 



It might feel unbearable, but we need to understand that it is not the end of the world, and it is a phase, it will pass, and you have the willpower to bear this and move forward in life. Breathing in and out and letting your emotions flow is the best practice one can do to overcome your discomfort. By doing this, we get one step closer to letting go of the past. 



There are some strategies which can help you when you want to change your life:



  • Accelerate your path so that you can have stress free success

  • Gaining clarity and success

  • Fight daily negativities of your life with passion and purpose

  • uncover the deeper purposes of your life so that you can have success

  • Achieve the goals of your life by mastering the art of doing so

  • Create all sort of positivity and passion so that you can have success in your life

  • Control your energy so that you can have a better life.


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