Why You Should Opt Online counselling and Therapy

Why You Should Opt Online counselling and Therapy


Online counseling and therapy is also known as teletherapy or cybercounseling,  e- therapy, e-counseling,  and it aims at providing counseling and therapy services virtually. Online therapy is somewhat like in clinic therapy in which a person comes to therapy for a face to face interaction. The major difference is that it happens through video conferencing, mobile applications, messenger, emails or other platforms which can carry virtual conversations effectively. Connect online with the best psychologist in India at TALKTOANGEL, for discussing any issues regarding mental health, relationship, career etc. 


Online counselling is basically an alternative for traditional counseling which can be carried on time or off time. Online therapy simply means that it can occur in real time like over phone calls or text messages or in delayed format such as video counseling or on emails. Apart from limitations it is becoming a tradition these days as many people are suffering from stress and other mental health problems. Online counselling can also provide consultation and psychoeducation to the clients. During the pandemic crisis a large number of people connected with the best psychologist in India through online counselling. 


Counseling aims in helping people who have lost someone in their life or they are going through some sort of trauma or they are going through anxiety, depression and panic attacks etc. Therapy also helps when the person is dealing with some sort of risky behavior. Online counseling is also a part of some online platforms for younger generations and provide with key services like suicide call back service, lifeline, and kid’s helplines.


Online Counselling Techniques:


The primary tools which are used to communicate with the clients in online counseling and therapy are as follow:


  • Video Calls

  • Text Chats

  • On Call

  • Instant chatting in the real time

  • Emails

  • Mobile applications


People can connect with the best psychologist in India or best psychologist in Delhi via online therapy as it is very effective and it will not hamper the daily schedule of the clients. 


Qualification of online therapists:


Online therapists are the same as therapists in the real world. Their qualifications also range from credentials and license. Their training and credentials also differ a lot. Although there are some websites which offer an easy path for the therapist and the counselors to join their team, becoming one requires the same training and education as a real time therapist. 


The online therapy and counseling is quite tough to handle as the person can handle from anywhere in the world and hence, the laws of the state for the regulation of training, practice and education, cannot be practiced. 


What it takes to be the most loved online counselling platform 


  • The sign up process should be as simple as possible.

  • All therapists, counselors, psychologists should be licensed.

  • Customer feedback should be positive

  • The payments and refund should be simple

  • There should be a range of subscriptions and services which they offer

  • The area of expertise of the therapists should be in all ranges like anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, trauma, all disorders, substance abuse and grief etc.


Rules and ethics for online counseling:


According to APA (American Psychological Association)


  • They should have a sufficient understanding of the technology which they are using.

  • They should work within their scope in which they can practice with the clients.

  • They should seek more knowledge, supervision and training before entering this field.

  • They should follow the laws and ethics as well as rules and regulations when they are into the practice.


How online therapy and counselling works:


Online therapy is the most effective technique specially for those people who are not able to speak in real time therapy. Online therapy gives convenience to both the therapist and the client. It will give more options to the client so that they can choose among many therapists. There are also monthly subscriptions and packages which can be opted by the clients for a better experience.


Types of online therapy and counselling:


  • Individual therapy: This is basically one on one therapy with the therapist.

  • Couple therapy: This is basically for a couple who are in a romantic relationship with each other. The therapist should be licensed in family and marriage counseling who help them in resolving conflicts and gain insight into their relationship with each other.

  • Play therapy: Play therapy is used basically for childrens.

  • Family therapy: This kind of therapy is used to resolve conflicts in the family and make them have a better understanding of each other to live a healthy life. 


Advantages and disadvantages of online therapy and counseling


Advantage of online therapy are:


  • Online therapy is more convenient for the people who don’t have time in their life to visit a psychiatrist, therapist, psychologist or counsellors regularly.

  • Online counselling makes the people more open as they are sitting at their home or at a comfortable place and talking to the counsellor, especially those who are not able to visit a therapist or open up face to face .

  • They provide the clients multiple ways through which they can get connected with the therapist or the counselor like chat, call, video call etc.

  • It provides the client many options to choose from therapists, particular issues, packages etc.

  • The coverage is more.

  • Time scheduling is flexible and clients can book sessions for the time slot in which they feel comfortable.

  • Online therapy is more affordable as compared to offline or real time counseling and therapy.

  • Clients who have social anxiety or some phobias will not cancel the session or they may be having low chances of cancelling the sessions.

  • The clients are not at a risk to come in contact with the COVID 19 virus.

  • Time saving in case of transport from one place to another.

  • Clients can follow the session at home also.

  • There will not be any transportation barriers.

  • The client and the therapist can connect through any computer, tablet or phone which they are using.


Disadvantages of online therapy are:


  • Online counselling may sometimes fail to meet the needs of people who are having some serious issues.

  • Quiet and private space is necessary.

  • The sessions can get interrupted because of pets, childrens or may be doorbells.

  • Clients and therapists who are Tech Savvy may not be comfortable with online therapy.

  • It aims at adding more screen time for the therapists even if they want to remove it.

  • Sometimes the therapist may not be able to read the non verbal cues of the clients.

  • It makes it difficult for the therapists to handle the younger clients.

  • Conducting family and couple counseling or therapy is quite difficult.

  • There are fewer options from online therapy to in clinic sessions, if needed. 


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