10 To Do Activities During Lock-down or Staying Indoors

10 To Do Activities During Lock-down or Staying Indoors


The pandemic is again showing its peak and many nations are dealing with the second or third wave this time. In India, the mutant from British, South Africa, and Brazil reached and made the country mourn. Many people are suffering, many have lost their lives and many have recovered. The current solutions suggested to recover from pandemic include following safety protocols and not going out unnecessarily.


Staying indoors is not easy. It is difficult to stay at home for hours but this is the need of the hour. So it is good that you engage yourself in different activities to spend a happy time staying home. In our recent talk with Dr.R.K.Suri, a clinical psychologist from Delhi, suggested doing activities to make most of your homestay.


Fun and Engaging Activities during Lockdown


1. Almost all have smart TVs now or phones to watch different shows. You can watch Discovery in this lockdown or Curfew days. There are many good documentaries available on discovery in different genres.  You can gain knowledge, know about history,  music, golden era, etc.


2. This is your time to do things which you have longed for. This is the time to follow your passion. Music, cooking, crafts, etc whatever is your interest follow that. You can create your own Instagram or Facebook page and Youtube channel. This is the best way to engage yourself and follow your passion. You are getting time and an online platform to showcase your skills.


3. If learning a new language is what you wanted to do but were busy now is your time. This is the time when you can start learning the language of your choice. Spending an hour daily for yourself is no difficulty.


4. Spend time with your kids. When you go office you don’t get much time to spend with your kids. But now is the chance. You can sit and play with your child, you can watch him/her grow. You can do activities like playing chess, carom, doing art and craft, dancing, etc with your kids.


5. Give a new makeover to your house. There are many DIY’s available on the internet. You can learn from there and give your home a new look and touch. This is a feel-good activity for you.


6. If you are a plant lover, try growing microgreens, vegetables in your home. You will gain a sense of achievement by doing this.


7. Engage yourself in self-care. You can give time to enhance your beauty. Many experts have their channels on the internet from there you can learn beauty tips, hair care, and skincare for yourself. Make a routine for your personal beauty care and follow that. You can choose anything of your interest.


8. This is the best time to learn Yoga and Meditation. It is recommended also to do yoga and meditation daily in these tough times. This will help you relax and calm yourself in these tough times.


9. Take a fitness challenge. If overweight or staying in shape is what you wanted always, this is your time. Now you have no burden of going to the office or sending kids to school etc. Now the time is yours to follow your fitness regime.


10. Learn sign language, any musical instrument, cooking, calligraphy, painting, etc. Everything is available on the internet for you to start with. You just need to start.


This is your time to make the most of it. The more you will keep yourself busy in activities more you will be away from negative thoughts. Stay home, Stay safe, Stay positive.


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