Breakup Counselling : (PART: 1)

Breakup Counselling : (PART: 1)


“Breakup sucks. I would have never typed that word here, but today I am because breakup really sucks, is often being stated by my clients”.



Other clients say “Doctor, I am shaken and moved in, I know it is not good but cannot control”



Relationship, are basically strong connections, they keep us partnered, certain, focused and centered. Relationship gives us quality strength; it influences us to feel completely filled however it comes with its own ups and down. These battles at times do take incredible monstrous ugly turns bringing about breakups(Try our breakup therapy).  The end of a relationship or breakup can flip your world upside down and trigger a range of emotions making person anxious or depressed. Some people quickly accept the breakup of a relationship and move forward, but for others breakup leads to depression , anxiety and obsession.



Managing or overcoming a breakup or separation is easier said than done. We are more disposed to instant delight and instant help for discomfort. At such circumstances we swing to our companions for comfort in such circumstances. Regularly than not, what we get the chance to hear is:



  • ‘dude take care of business and get over it’
  • ‘let’s host a breakup or separation party, alcohol, cry and the following day you’ll be fine’
  • ‘Let’s go for shopping for chill’
  • ‘will demonstrate to him what you merit’



Despite the fact that well meaning, these moment and convenient solutions offered to us may divert ourselves for a brief timeframe or numb the torment or pain for some time yet don’t resolve the void and hurt we encounter. Top psychologists in delhi suggests that taking breakup counseling is best way to deal with breakups. 


Benefits of marriage counselling


The sign & symptoms of breakup are:


As a psychological well-being experts we truly concur dealing with breakup is indeed a challenging task because the loss is irrevocable, the pain is unexplainable, the feeling is uncontrollable, the state of mind is overwhelming, emotional and psychological investment in the person is gone for a toss for some. Loss of interest, agitation, hopelessness, excessive or lack of sleep, appetite, detachment and lost social interest takes charge and control in breakup.


Some of the Reasons of Breakup

Verbal Cues

Non-verbal Cues


Angry behaviour


Emotionally exhausted


Excessive or binge eating

Lack of acceptance

Excessive spending

Talking about memories repeatedly

Disturbed sleep cycle

Aggressive or violent over trivial matters

Stalking on social networking sites

Disturbed routine

Acting out to be moved-on

Over thinking

Checking the Partner


  • Abuse

Relationship can be abusive in many ways be it emotional, sexual, physical or psychological in nature it include isolation, threats, and intimidation and lead to deterioration of the relationship and eventually its end. When somebody utilizes abuse and brutality against an accomplice or partner, it is dependably part of a bigger example of control.

  • Incompatibility

Class, status, conducts, emotional and mental understanding of one another and life situations.  The five pillar of incompatibility are: sexual incompatibility, emotional incompatibility, intellectual incompatibility, spiritual incompatibility, and financial incompatibility.

  • Infidelity

Realizing one’s partner is unfaithful and cheating on you emotionally or sexually is referred as infidelity.   It can crush even the most grounded relationship, deserting feelings of offering out, fault, shock and anger. For the one-fourth of married couples who have suffered through this breach of loyalty, vanquishing those feelings can be to an incredible degree troublesome.

  • Misunderstanding

Very often we are unable to candidly express or explain the cause of our behaviour or words. We might be scared however it is manifested as anger. There are additionally numerous other outer powers that mediates in our relationship prompting miscommunication and misjudgement of over a wide span of time.

  • Societal pressure or norms

Sometimes family and society’s interference and un-acceptance of one another may be a reason for parting ways.

  • Unfulfilled Expectations

We all have some expectations from our partner, we are also ready to adjust and compromise few things here and there, but in long run these unfulfilled expectations from the partner may lead to an unhealthy bond.



Such difficult and overpowering circumstances can be managed systematically and strategically in a therapy session where the point is to enable you to beat breakup according to your reaction and resistance level and move towards passionate healing.



PWC offer breakup counselling on how to deal with breakup



  • Identify the issues of breakup including negative thoughts and emotions
  • Manage  with overwhelming emotions
  • Manage with self-blame or self-criticism, hopelessness,
  • Logically working with rational thinking and using focused solutions
  • Move on  responsibly and with a positive self-worth and confidence