Complete List of Age Appropriate Chores for Your Kids

Complete List of Age Appropriate Chores for Your Kids


You often feel like children are a hassle to deal with,  but if you look at the brighter side children are much more capable of handling things than people expect them to.  Even toddlers can help with the simplest and smallest things around the house. An important point to note here is that they might need the key to start with tasks at a young age with increasing complexity with time and age to make them responsible. 


Giving children some chores every day can make them feel wanted, help them develop their social skills, and also to reduce the workload of their parents.


Following are some basic age-appropriate chores




Toddlers are at the age where they find and try to understand the idea of helping their parents and older siblings. By starting this type of intervention early can help them ease arguing. Point to be noted here is that toddlers will need supervision and a proper plan of action. A few examples are as follows:


  • Try to dry mop their room or play area
  • Try to arrange their beds
  • Put toys away after done playing
  • Pile up books or blocks
  • Fill up dogs/cats food bowl




Pre-schoolers imitate very easily because they are still learning and have the same desire to help their parents. At this age, some children can do multiple tasks without any supervision or guidance. It is so because their eye-hand coordination has increased and as well as their ability to follow more complex tasks. Their memory is better and is enhancing which helps in better performance. 


 In addition to the above list here are some new chores:


  • Watering the garden/plants
  • Keeping away their plate after done eating
  • Help with small/light groceries
  • Make bed without supervision
  • Try to fold clothes 


Primary schoolers


Usually, this age group tends to rebel as they gain more independence but with patience from the parents start to understand that they are still expected to help around. Once the child enters the primary school age they are more capable of handling themselves. They begin to learn defined complex tasks along with necessary skills. 


In addition to the above lists, 6-9 year kids can usually do the following


  • Put away the groceries
  • Sweep/mop
  • Wash dishes
  • Can make their own snacks (without heat)
  • Put away their laundry 
  • Clean their bedrooms under little supervision


Middle Schoolers


Young teenagers or middle schoolers can perform certain things on their own and should be left accountable without frequent warnings for them. At this age, several families plan to build for their kids a chore map or job list. Parents should also keep the child accountable and simply check once a day to see if items have been crossed off the list or map. This makes children develop not only how to be self-reliant but how to be accountable while no one is watching.


The following are a few tasks with the continuation of the above-given tasks


  • Washing dishes without assistance
  • Prepare easy meals
  • Washing clothes 
  • Taking out trash bins 
  • Taking care of younger siblings/ pets 


High Schoolers


Teenage years are quite crucial for people and this is the perfect age to start making your child to fully prepare them for the future. Complex tasks with academic indulgence can help them create balance in their lives and improve them as an overall being.


  • Clean out room/fridge/pantry
  • Help deep clean
  • Babysit their siblings
  • Care for pets
  • Can make complex meals
  • Sew/resew buttons
  • Help parents in simple repairs
  • Iron clothes
  • Can take up independent



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