Connection Between Arthritis And Mental Health

Connection Between Arthritis And Mental Health


Arthritis is a chronic health condition that is characterized by inflammation of the joints, followed by joint pain, swelling, and stiffness with some deformity of the joints. It is a condition that can affect mental health too. It is quite understandable that chronic pain, fatigue, and disturbed sleep can affect a patient's mood, thoughts, and feelings. They can have a negative impact on the patient’s quality of life.


Anxiety, stress, sadness, and depression are common among people with arthritis. But there are effective treatments done to the patient with arthritis so that they can overcome all this and live a happy life. 


Arthritis is having a lot of effects on the emotions of the person. It not only affects older people but children and adults also. People can have negative thought patterns and emotions which can even make them lose their sense of loss and distress. They can have a decreased participation in the things which were earlier enjoyable to them, which can directly lead to the development of stress, anxiety, and depression. When you are living with arthritis proper management of time, physical health, and mental health is quite important otherwise living your life is very tough.


Common signs and symptoms of anxiety are:


  1. Trouble sleeping

  2. Difficulty focusing

  3. Mind goes blank

  4. Irritated or worried

  5. Feeling restless


Common signs and symptoms of depression


  1. The feeling of sadness and emptiness

  2. Feeling of hopelessness

  3. Feeling worthless and guilty

  4. Loss of interest in daily activities and hobbies.

  5. Thought of suicide

  6. There are aches, pain, and digestive problems without any particular causes of their problems.


Researchers have shown that one in five adults may experience the symptoms of anxiety and depression among the patients with arthritis.  The impact is more on females as compared to men. According to CDC reports also around 20 % of 54 million Americans have reported the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some reports have suggested that arthritis has made persons with arthritis more prone to mood disorders and mood swings and changes. 


Persons with arthritis have poor mental health, why?


Arthritis is a disorder in which there is an impairment of the body parts and joints, there is stiffness, pain, and inflammation. This can impair a person from doing the daily activities and the hobbies which they follow on a daily basis. Some people are not able to sleep the whole night and as a result, feel dizzy and sleepy the next day. Because of this they become dependent on other persons and may have low self-esteem, a sense of low pleasure in their lives, and an inability due to the pain experienced. They are not able to spend happy time with their families as well. If a person who is the breadwinner of the family is impaired with arthritis, he/she feels unwilling and may also lose confidence in him/her. 


People may feel helpless that they cannot do the things and hence develop depression in them. Studies have also shown that people who feel helpless are more prone to develop depression or depressive disorder. They may also feel frustrated with themselves or their health care providers.


Patients who have arthritis should be offered care and when treating them, a treatment that encourages both physical and mental health should be taken care of. Treatment plans like self-management and physical activities should be more. They have been proved to elevate the mood of the person. They also encourage energy in them and improve arthritis symptoms.


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