Do Not Categorise Work as Big or Small

Do Not Categorise Work as Big or Small


Once upon a time, the Guru was going somewhere far away with his disciples. The road was long and everyone was tired while walking. Now guru and his disciples felt a desire to rest, but if they will rest, it will take more nights to reach the destination. So they decided to walk continuously.



On the way there came a creek which had to be crossed by a long jump. Everyone crossed the creek with long jumps. But Guruji's kamandal fell in that drain. All the disciples were upset, a disciple Gopal went to look for the sweeper to remove the kamandal. Other disciples sat and started worrying, planning how to get this kamandal out?



Guru ji started getting worried



Because Guruji had taught everyone the lesson of self-reliance. No disciple is following his teaching. Till the end no one actually stepped forward to do that work, seeing this, Guru ji was very distraught. A disciple Madan got up and looked at the drain with his hand, but the kamandal was not visible. Because kamandal had reached the bottom of the drain, then Madan, while handling his clothes, got down in the drain and immediately came upstairs with a kamandal.



Guru ji praised and greatly appreciated his disciple Madan. Then the disciple Gopal, who had gone to find the sweeper, also came, he realized his mistake.



Moral of the story:



No work is small or big, you should not hesitate to do any work yourself.



If we consider work as small or big then it will be wrong. We should think that this small work is a means of earning for someone, it is means of running someone's house. Work is not small or big. Work is work, we categorise work into small and big.



Despite being in any crisis, we should try to take least help from other people. Like in story if Mohan had not gone in the drain to get the Kamandal of guruji out either it would have lost forever or they had to wait for so long for someone to come and get the kamandal out.



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