Pride is in Our Nature Than What Makes Us Restless?

Pride is in Our Nature Than What Makes Us Restless?


Sometimes we come across some people who takes pride in being superior or great due to some specialty or quality in them. This superiority also changes their attitude towards everything. They like to spend time and friends with superior people like them. They don’t like people who don’t have similar characteristics like theirs and consider them inferior.


In fact, these people don’t like anyone who is superior to them and envy them. In such cases because of pride instead of finding their flaws or accepting their flaws, they start focusing on their qualities to feel good. They only want to take pride in their qualities because they don’t want to accept the truth or reality that someone can be better than them.


Such people are always surrounded by selfish people. Why? Because selfish people exaggerate their qualities to serve their own interest. And these pride taking people never know the real face of selfish people because they are happy in listening the exaggeration of their qualities.


This is called as living in fake world. You are surrounded by fake people, fake appreciation, fake praising of qualities and fake friends.


Fake appreciation increase pride which in turn increases desires and undertaking to full fill them. As desires gets fulfilled greed start growing in people. This behavior keeps on developing. With time this greed grows to such an extent that if desires are not fulfilled they start getting anxious and angry.


All this make a person’s mind impure and restless. He becomes so restless to fulfill his desires that he gets engaged in wrong doings sometimes by mistake.


In the Gita, the Lord says, 'Having conceit, pride, anger, rigidity, and being indecisive are all the signs of a man who has acquired demonic wealth.


Instead of looking at the faults of others, we should constantly keep an eye on our inner faults. As soon as we see our faults efforts should be made to remove these faults.  One should not be proud of one's own merits or superiority.


We should focus on increasing and improving our good qualities and keep on removing or working on our faults. Why? Pride born of ignorance keeps us on the path of downfall and by the time we realize it, it is too late.



It is because of our internal faults that our mind cannot remain stable. Because of instability in mind we become restless.


For example , when a small piece of stone is thrown into a pond from outside water starts shaking similarly, when external defects come in our calm mind, it becomes disturbed.


Best way to attain peace and calm our mind is to remove pride. The attachment we have got with pride, we have to remove it. The other faults that come in us due to pride will also go away on their own when pride is removed. This will purify our mind and there will be peace in the mind.


God has said in the Gita that a man without love and ego attains peace and such a man is dear to me.


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