10 Reasons to Visit Sex Therapist

10 Reasons to Visit Sex Therapist


Is your sex life not going good? Is your partner not happy with you? Are you and your partner not on good sex terms? There can be many reasons for decline in sex life. Identifying those reasons by yourself is a tough task and that’s why you need to visit a sex therapist or (sex therapist in delhi). Sex therapy helps in identifying the reasons for loss of interest in sex and ways to fix those issues. Visiting a sex therapist help in resolving physical and emotional issues that are barrier in sex life.


Additionally Sexual dysfunction is a common problem these days and there should be no hesitation in visiting a sex therapist. If you are a resident of delhi you can visit best sex therapist in delhi at psychowellness center. Dr.R.K.Suri is one of the best sexologist in delhi with more than 36 years of experience. He has managed to help many couples so far. He is also available for online consultation for both national and international people.


What is Sexual Dysfunction?


Sexual Dysfunction is a problem that causes loss of interest in sex. It makes difficult to experience pleasure in sex. Sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of life. Visit a sex therapist is best way to gain sexual satisfaction. Some of common causes of sexual dysfunction are:


  • Orgasm issues
  • Early ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful sex
  • Disturbing sexual thoughts




How Sex Therapy Works


Sex therapy is a talk therapy. It is a combination of cognitive behavior therapy and counselling. Sex therapy is also a type of psychotherapy where a counsellor or psychologist talk to client about worries, emotions and feelings. A sex therapist works with client to find ways to eliminate issues that are causing loss of interest in sex.


In sex therapy session a psychologist talks to you and your partner individually and together both. There is nothing weird or bad in taking a sex therapy. It is just like any other mental health issues therapy where your doctor talks to you to understand issues that are causing problem in your sex life. Sex is related to emotions, thoughts and feelings strongly.


During sessions therapist educate you about your problems and ways to fix them.


Reasons to go for sex therapy or visit sex therapist are:


1.Treatment plan


A sex therapist can identify the problems and guide you for best treatment plans. Like medication, exercise and lifestyle changes etc.


2. Developing realistic sexual goals


A sexologist helps you in improve sex life by setting realistic sexual goals. Sometimes you expect more and that can be reason of unsatisfactory sex life. A sex therapist explains how to set realistic goals.


3.Cueing Exercise


Cueing exercises helps in remembering good previous sex experiences and pleasure to improve sex life.


4. Identifying catalyst


During sex therapy sessions a therapist works on finding sex catalyst to increase sexual desire.


5.Exploring Sexual fantasies


Sexual fantasies are an important part of sexual activity. A sex therapist helps you to explore your sex fantasies and work on them to stimulate you.


6. Using sensual focus exercise


In Sensual focus exercise a couple massage each other without sexual activity to arouse sexual spark. This exercise improves communication and understanding.


7. Learning mindfulness


Mindfulness helps you relax and increase concentration. It helps you in enjoying your sex without any distractions.


8. Eliminate Sexual Boredom


A sex therapist suggests ways to eliminate sexual boredom. Sexual boredom issues generally occur with long time couples.


9. Exploring Sex options


A sex therapist after analysing your case advices to explore different sex options like sex toys, couple massage, sex positions and masturbation.


10. Increasing intimacy


Intimate moments have their own importance for pleasurable sex. Therapists explains and share foreplay ideas as well as rest positions to enjoy after sex.


Sex therapy definitely helps in eliminating sexual issues. If you are experiencing sex issues or problems in sex life try visiting a sex therapist. It will be the best decision you ever made.


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