How Every Obstacle You Face Offers Gold Coins

How Every Obstacle You Face Offers Gold Coins


One time a king thought to check how responsible and sincere are his kingdom people. He decided to conduct a little experiment. He disguised as normal man and went out of his fort to explore kingdom and people.


He went towards the common road used by people and put a big rock in middle of the road. He then hid behind the tree at the side of road to keep a check on who try to remove the rock.


First a group of merchants came but they passed by the side without moving the rock. Next came some soldiers of king they also passed and the rock was still there. In fact, they all blamed the king that he is not taking any action to maintain the road safety. The king was disappointed with irresponsible nature of his kingdom’s people.


At last, a common man came with bag of groceries in his both hands. When he came near to the large rock, he kept his bags by the side of the road and tried moving the rock. It took lot of efforts and finally he managed to remove the rock aside.


King was happy thinking he has at least one responsible man in his kingdom.


When the man returned to collect his bags and go home, he found one more bag filled with gold coins and message note. It was a reward and appreciation note by the king praising him for taking out time to remove the large rock. He thought about troubles people will have while crossing the road because of large rock. King was happy by his responsible and helping nature and rewarded him with bag full of gold coins.


The two important learning of this story is that every obstacle that you face in your life comes with a reward. If you try to accept the challenge and work on obstacles you face in life you definitely end up with rewards, improvements and confidence which you did not have when you started.


Secondly, you should develop attitude of personal responsibility in life. If you come across any job don’t leave it to be done by others. Instead do the job and help people who come after you.


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