Importance Of Encouragement in Life

Importance Of Encouragement in Life


You have often seen people talking about encouragement. Like power of encouragement, benefits of encouragement, why you should encourage people, encouragement and motivation and lot more. But why? Why encouragement? What it is that makes encouragement different or important. In this article story you will know about what role encouragement plays in life?



Once upon a time a group of frogs was travelling to jungle. Two frogs from the group accidently fell in to a deep pit. As all other frogs reached near the pit and saw how deep it is they thought there is no way for the two frogs to come out.



The group of frogs found no way to help two frogs come out of pit. They just gave up. While on other hand two frogs inside pit decided to not listen to anyone. They choose to try getting out of pit.



They two frogs were making continuous efforts to jump out of the pit. The group of frogs standing outside kept on saying that they will never be able to jump out of fit. They should stop trying and giving pain to themselves. The group of frogs did nothing but demotivated the two frogs every time they were making attempt to jump out of the pit.



Eventually, one frog gets moved by what the group of frogs was saying and gave up. He decided to stop trying and died in pit. The other frog kept jumping high and high to get out of the pit. He was tired and exhausted. He was in pain but continued trying. All frog outside felt bad and said to him, ‘ Please stop trying and accept the death’.



The frog made another attempt again with full energy and this time he made it. All the frogs were happy. But they wondered why he kept trying when we asked him to stop. One of the frog asked from group we are continuously saying to give up but you did not stop why?



Frog replied, ‘ohh I am DEAF and I thought you all were encouraging me to try hard. So I kept trying and finally made it



This is the power of people’s word around you. And you learn two things out of this story.


First, if you pay attention to what people are saying you might never be able to make it.


Second, if you speak something always pay attention to your words, it might impact someone negatively.


You should always focus on encouraging yourself and people. Encouragement grows confidence. It gives you reason to focus on positive attempts and ignore negative. Encouragement helps you succeed. Encouragement provides boost to lift someone’s confidence for life time. It helps in motivating people and look at their positive attempts. Your words have power to bring change or big difference in someone’s life.



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