Story Of Crow And Peacock About Unhappy Circle Of Happiness

Story Of Crow And Peacock About Unhappy Circle Of Happiness


A crow used to live happily in forest. He found himself the most beautiful and always cherished his beauty. One day while he was going in search of food, he saw a white swan. He was amazed seeing the bright white swan. And started feeling sad because he was so black and the swan is so white.



He started thinking the swan is most beautiful and happiest bird in the world. He said to himself, “I was a fool who thought I am beautiful”.



He went near the swan to talk to him. He expressed his thoughts to the swan and praised his beauty. To his surprise, the swan replied, no my dear friend you are wrong. I also use to think that I am beautiful until I saw a parrot one day.



A parrot has two beautiful colors; green and red and is so beautiful. I am only white in color. The crow then went to see parrot. He liked parrot a lot and thought swan was right Parrot is most beautiful bird I have ever seen.



He said to parrot you are so beautiful and happy bird I have met till now. The parrot was disappointed hearing this and said you are wrong my dear friend. I was happy till I saw a Peacock.



Parrot said; peacock has so many bright colors and he is the most beautiful bird. The crow then went to meet peacock.



He was mesmerized seeing the colorful peacock and thought no bird can be more beautiful than peacock. He went to talk to peacock. He said, you are so beautiful and lucky my friend. Daily thousands of people come to see you and praise your beauty. I am so black and look how colorful you are. If I ever come across anyone they simply shoo me. No one likes me because I am so black.



The peacock replied, I use to think same but I am wrong. I am trapped in the zoo because of my beauty. I have always seen crows roaming around freely and now I think crow is the happiest bird in this world because he can roam around freely. No one traps him. So you are lucky and happy my dear friend said the peacock.



Similarly, we all are trapped in circle of unhappiness. This is problem of all of us. We always compare ourself with others and become sad thinking others are lucky and happy. We never focus and value ourself. Instead, we keep comparing with others. We never praise and appreciate what we have. We should always focus on ourself and keep moving. The moment we start comparing we enter in never ending race of comparison that will never let us become happy.



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