Never Allow Fixed Mindset and Learned Helplessness Like Elephants

Never Allow Fixed Mindset and Learned Helplessness Like Elephants


Today I am sharing a common story which you all might have heard but this story has an important lesson to teach about mindset, assumptions and belief. So, if you know this story, I would still request to read it for the important learning which I am going to share with you all today.



A man was walking through a circus and noticed all the elephants were tied to small ropes. He was wondering how these big elephants are tied to this small rope and why they are not running away by breaking these ropes.


As the man cannot avoid his curiousness, he went straight to the elephant master and asked, “Why you have tied the elephants with such small rope and why the elephants are not running away?



The master said, we use to tie these elephants with this rope since they were born. This rope was strong enough to hold the baby elephants. From baby to grown up they have been tied to the same rope. When the elephants were small they were unable to break the ropes even if they tried hard. And today, even after growing up, they feel that they cannot break this rope because they have grown up tied to this rope and when they could not break it, they now believe that they can never break it.


As they were grown with the belief that they cannot break this rope and so now when they have the strength to break it they don’t even try to fight.


Here the elephants are suffering from learned helplessness. In such cases a person learns to anticipates discomfort in a way that cannot be avoided ever. They elephants are now strong enough to break the rope but they have assumed that they cannot do it and it will give them the same pain which they got earlier when they tried to break it.


This is case of fixed mindset where a person thinks that he or she can’t do it because they have failed in the past. The elephants are living on previous assumption and beliefs that is why they are not making attempts.


We should never live on our self-made assumptions and believes. We can fail but we should not stop trying because with time our strength and power grows. We are now capable of doing something but we are not doing it just because we have assumed that we failed in the past and so we will fail this time as well.


Never believe in learned helplessness.



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