Why Value Yourself?

Why Value Yourself?


A wise man was giving seminar and started with showing a 100 dollar note to the crowd. He asked who need this note. The answer is predictable. Everyone wanted the note. It was a large roar in the crowd for 100 dollars.


He promised to give money to one of them but he will do something to it. He crumpled the note in his hand badly. Again, asked who is willing to take the 100 dollars note now. Everyone still said yes.


This time he put the money on ground and jumped on it many times. The note was now full of dirt and crumpled. Again, repeated same question and everyone was still ready to take the note.


He then explained people, no matter whatever I did to this note you all still wanted it because you all know the value of 100 dollars. Whatever I did to the note its value was not decreased. Similarly, it is important to value yourself. How much challenges or failures you face in life you should never stop valuing yourself.


Always value yourself. Never doubt yourself or degrade yourself because of temporary challenges and failures. You should keep working hard. Challenges and failures are part of life. They will come and go. They are temporary. But if you degrade or start feeling bad because of these temporary setbacks you will deviate from your path. Always value yourself. To achieve success and live a happy life it is important to value yourself.


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