Your Special Bank Account With $86,400

Your Special Bank Account With $86,400


Let’s start this story with your imagination. Imagine that every morning you get $86,400 deposited in your bank account. The condition is you have to use all this money same day itself. If somehow you are left with some money unused it will not be credited to next day amount. In evening all the money which you failed to use will be cancelled and next day new amount of $86,400 will be credited. With such a condition you will try to use all the money the same day. Right?


You all have this bank account. Yes! Name of this bank account is TIME and it credits 86,400 seconds daily into your account. In simple terms you all get 86,400 seconds daily in your day to spent them as you like. And every night the unused time is removed from your account with wasted time label. The unused is never added to the next day time. We all get each day same amount of time to use it or kill it and bring change in our lives. It is our choice what we want to do with it.


If you are unable to use your daily given amount of time it is considered as your loss because this amount will be discarded in the evening and will not be added to your next day time account.


Time can never be borrowed in any case.


In case of money you will try to utilize every penny the same day because you know the importance of money. But in case of time you all forget about its importance and waste so much of your important which you can utilize for productivity.


The time you have daily is fixed. It is neither decreased nor increased. The choice is yours to decide whether you want to kill it or utilize it. You can never say that you don’t have time because we all are getting the same amount of time.


With the same amount of time one is scoring first rank in school while other is failing, one is earning profit while other is at loss, one is becoming a millionaire and other is just unable to earn well.


Time management and good utilization of time is always in your hands. It is you who use it and waste it. So decide accordingly.


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