Talking About Your Mental Health Issues at Workplace

Talking About Your Mental Health Issues at Workplace


Mental health struggles are real and if you are dealing with mental issues it really becomes difficult to cope with work and other responsibilities of your life. Work suffers a lot because of mental health issues. Common work challenges during mental issues is meeting deadlines, loosing focus and concentration. Talking about mental health issues is always difficult this is why you need a therapist. A therapist is a person who understand your mental health problems and work with you to find solutions. According to best psychologist in delhi you should talk about your mental health to your employers or human resource to get some help and solutions in your hard times.



Factors to consider before telling your employer?


Disclosing about your mental health issues at workplace depends upon many factors. One has to consider different situations and circumstances before revealing about mental issues. These factors are:


  • Your relationship with your boss
  • Characteristics of your employer
  • Your potential
  • What people think about mental health
  • Fear of mental health problems



According to best psychologist in delhi different studies shows that taking your time thinking and analysing above mentioned factors helps in taking right decision about disclosing mental health issues.



People who are facing mental health problems have to navigate many reasons before disclosing about their mental health. One of the common reason is mental stigma. People get worried thinking no one will understand their problem and it will be stigma. They will get judged, their performance will be judge and other similar reasons.


But psychologists recommends sharing about your mental issues with your employers because it will be beneficial in long run. You should share the relevant details about your problem with your boss so that they can help you with your work. There are various approaches which can be executed at corporate level to help employees dealing with mental health.


Best psychologist in delhi says that sharing your mental health issues with employers and boss may result in much needed support. Nervousness is common while sharing about your mental health issues but if you discuss with your therapist on how you should share with office professionals it will definitely help you.


Some do’s and dont’s before disclosing about your mental illness at workplace




  • Be relevant about details you going to share
  • Share about support you need with work
  • Be clear with your requirements




  • Do not complain about work
  • Do not share irrelevant details


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