Freedom from the state of dependence

Freedom from the state of dependence


Love, joy, happiness, peace, each of these emotions are a possibility as long as we keep in mind that they rely on one very crucial word for their existence – freedom. Which means none of these qualities are real till we learn to be totally free. Which means we need to move from a state of dependence to a state of freedom to experience these qualities.


These things can never give us the eternal bliss that we are passively or actively searching for. The reason we have started to feel more incomplete day-by-day is due to us going in the totally opposite direction. We are on the way to completely enslaving ourselves inside a luxurious and aesthetically appealing trap. But in the end it’s a trap!


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Please don’t get attached to me or my words, I want to state this as a disclaimer before going ahead. Laughter, love, joy, happiness, peace, each of these emotions are a possibility as long as we keep in mind the freedom and independence these qualities hold in within themselves. Things like music are only an external stimulus and therefore keep us in a stream of the particular emotion it wants to associate us to. The effect it launches on us will last for either till the song finishes or just a few moments after the songs. The addiction or dependence on these states for happiness and peace is highly contagious.


Please, I need to clear the air and tell you that I’m not telling you to believe me for what I say. Try it now. Try playing a song and remaining in that state for a longer time than the song allows you to. You will get that it is totally common sense.


We have become totally second hand and dependent on external things for our happiness. Which means if I send you on an island without your phone, Facebook and precisely everything else you need you will not be able to be happy anymore. Human has become so deluded in its dependence that it has forgotten about the utter freedom, which he was born with as a child. Remember? You were never a slave when you were a child?


All human wants to do now is collect. Be it knowledge from the Holy Scriptures or be it the latest new YouTube videos. Be it money or be it a consumer product. Be it a big house or be it the best Mobile phones.  As I said before , the reason we have started to feel more incomplete day-by-day is due to us going in the totally opposite direction


Why can’t we dance without music? Why can’t we love without reason? Do I have to be someone related to you in order to love you?


The solution:


Our simply freeing ourselves from the slavery and dependence of these people and things will first get us into a state of self-inquiry.


It will create a space in you, which you have never known before. This spaciousness has fountains of Love, joy, happiness, and peace waiting for you to bathe in.


You will learn to love people without selfish needs and more on a selfless level as you are no longer dependent on them for you happiness, but rather abundance of love is flowing out of you. You have gradually become “love”.


I admit that there might be a little difficulty for some moving from that state of dependence to freedom because of habitual tendencies. Here are a few steps to meditation, which you can use to go inward and also stop the continuous chatter and messing up of unnecessary information. The mind can become an attic and we need to use it in our favor. This exercise can help you get the first hand experience of yourself as pure consciousness.


Further Action:


You can just close your eyes now. Sit down. Let’s meditate for a while. This is how you can reach there – Concentrate on your breath or any non-sense syllable in order to get out of your present chatter of thought in order to enter the new state of consciousness. When you’ve concentrated on your breath or the non-sense syllable you chose for minimum of 15 minutes, you can place a wish or an intention in this new energy space and you will have totally new ideas or information according to your intention or wish.


And guess what?


My intention was Love, joy, happiness and peace. What’s yours?