Goals Are The Driving Force Of Our Lives 

Goals Are The Driving Force Of Our Lives 


What if we wake up tomorrow, go to work without any aim, exercise just because we have to, meet people for the sake of it? Without any goal or any target to achieve or reward to earn, how would life be when we will be basically sleepwalking through life without any goals? The best therapist in delhi conducted a survey for this and got the amazing goal trend for us to follow in the article below. 


Goals are the driving force of our lives and their achievement is the purpose or intention behind many tasks that we perform. However, achieving our goals isn’t always effortless and easy. According to the best therapist in delhi, Achieving goals requires planning and a vision, whether it is short term or long term. As Pablo Picasso said, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” This plan or the road map that we develop to achieve our goals is more or less what goal setting is. Dr.R.K.Suri, the best therapist in delhi recommends goal setting as an important aspect of life. 


In a Huffington Post Article, Rick McDaniel states, “Goal setters see future possibilities and the big picture”. However, there is a fine line between goal setters and problem solvers. While goal setters are fixated on the goals and their achievement, problem solvers fixate on the problem and its solution as explained by the best therapist in delhi in their counseling sessions. Goal setters will achieve what they want no matter the obstacle, however, problem solvers look at obstacles to be solved rather than move past from.


Latham and Locke (2002) define Goal as “the object or aim of an action, for example, to attain a specific standard of proficiency, usually within a specified time limit.” Goal Setting is our plan of action to achieve our goals. The Goal Setting Theory by Latham and Locke emphasize on the importance of goal setting and how goals are effectively achieved as a result of conscious efforts and conscious human behaviour is more or less regulated by individual goals. Best therapist in delhi says this theory explains on an immediate level that the difference in the quality of performance of so many people is because of the disparity in performance goals and motivational levels.


MacLeod, Coates, and Hetherton (2008) had found that subjective wellbeing is significantly improved in those who have undertaken skill-oriented goal setting and planning. Participating in goal setting intervention programs not only increases self confidence and motivation but also encourages them to undertake newer goals and achieve them. Not just on individual levels but even incorporates and at organizational levels, goal setting has shown to significantly increase employee motivation and consequently improve their performance. We will understand this by goal-setting theory analysis done by best therapist in delhi. 


According to the Goal-setting theory by Locke and Latham (1990), there are five principles of goal setting they are:


  1. Commitment

  2. Clarity

  3. Challenge

  4. Complexity

  5. Feedback 


Commitment refers to the general attachment and commitment of a person to the achievement of goals. It is the determination of a person to achieve the said goals, no matter the obstacles.


Clarity refers to the clear knowledge of specific goals. Having clarity of goal i.e. knowing exactly what we want to achieve puts us on a direct and focussed path which increases our probability of success.


Challenge refers to the borderline difficulty that every goal must possess. This increases the person’s drive to achieve it and improves performance. However, the goals must still be attainable.


Task complexity refers to the realistic complex conditions under which the tasks need to be completed. According to Miner (2005), overly complex tasks demand more, thereby reducing the effects of goal setting, leaving the person overwhelmed and maybe even frustrated.


Feedback may be internal or external. Immediate feedback helps to know the quality of performance and the progress made. However, being ambiguous or incoherent will be a distraction from the goal.


Goal setting also closely affects a person’s self-image. Effective goal setting helps to achieve goals in an organized manner. Achieving our long-term or short-term goals helps individuals to look at themselves with dignity and respect. It reminds them of their potential and strengths. Conversely, poor goal setting and organization can form a disheveled and shattered image of themselves, feelings of being a “loser” and an unending sense of failure.


According to the best counsellor in delhi, Goal setting is imperative for all sorts of success, whether it is academically, professionally, or even to help you skate through life rather than sleepwalking through it, to not just exist, but to live!


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