Purpose, Status and Importance of Career Counselling in India

Purpose, Status and Importance of Career Counselling in India


The practise of recognizing and evaluating another person's problems, skills, hobbies, and talents in an attempt to help them down the correct career route is known as career counselling. The procedure assists an individual in determining and following the appropriate career possibilities based on their preferences. At some time in our lives, we all need career advice. It allows us to gain new perspectives on ourselves, our careers, and what we can do to enhance them.  Dr.R.K.Suri best psychologist in delhi says career counselling assists one in discovering and understanding oneself as well as the workplace so that they may make more informed professional, academic, and life decisions.



Career advancement is more than just picking on a degree and a profession after graduation. It's a continual journey, which means that you'll evolve, circumstances will alter, and you'll have to take professional and personal decisions regularly. Career counselling’s purpose is to not only assist you in making current decisions but also to equip you with the competencies and understanding you'll need to make major educational and career choices, even in the future says, Psychologists. Career counselling is much more important now than it has ever been. It could be a child who is undecided about which course to take or professionals who are concerned about a change of career.



Background of career counselling



Several studies, mostly undertaken in the 1920s and 1930s, are of historic significance in this regard. It investigates the efficacy of scientific advice relying on psychometric tests. These researches indicated that all those who took employment based on such suggestions were happier and much steadier in their professions than those who found jobs that were not founded on such advice. They also demonstrated that the counselling increased employees' perceptions of their professions' appropriateness and reduced job turnover in controlled trials. Psychologists in India highly recommend career counselling for better career options. 



What is the Purpose of Career Counselling?



Here’s why it’s important:

  • Provides the best career route - Career guidance assists people in determining the best career trajectory for them based on their traits.

  • Understanding about oneself — After working through the counselling process, one learns more about oneself. We identify our skills and flaws, as well as how we might improve them.

  • Increases esteem - Comprehensive identification and counselling might help an individual feel more confident in his or her decisions. It alleviates anxiety about the future and other stressors.

  • Exposure to specialist expertise - A competent trained professional provides you with all of the information necessary to make the best decisions possible, as well as a solution based on your results and professional knowledge.



What's the process like?



Psychometric Testing (Career Assessment) is a scientific and systematic method for assessing an individual's personality and attitude. Psychometric assessments are a technique used by guidance counsellors to gather the most vital data about an individual's behaviour, mental fortitude, preferences, and abilities. This knowledge aids in determining what types of jobs an applicant could be interested in.



Who imparts this able guidance?



A master's degree is required for a guidance/career counsellor, as well as knowledge of career advancement theories, advising strategies, evaluation administering and analysis, and career research materials. However, with the growing demand for counselling professionals in India, anyone with a desire to help others can pursue it as a career. All that is required is a bachelor's degree, while a master's degree is desirable. Once enrolment in a degree program is done, one can practice under a career counsellor and then eventually work independently. 



What is the status of career guidance in India?



In India, career counselling is yet to be the most essential sector to consider while deciding on a professional path. However, because of digital technology, there has undoubtedly been an increase in total public understanding of career guidance. Virtual career counselling cells are a very convenient option to get career advice from the comfort and privacy of one's home.



Career guidance serves a variety of purposes. Many individuals used to choose a job direction because their friends and relatives urged them to or because it was deemed "cool" at the time. This is no longer necessary. With the help of a counsellor, one gets to choose their desired job route and accomplish their goals with the guidance of a skilled career advisor.


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Author: Aditi Upadhyaya (Intern at Psychowellness Center)