Positivity attracts positivity: Positive mental attitude

Positivity attracts positivity: Positive mental attitude


A positive mental attitude means the way you look at things; the way you perceive them, whether positively or negatively. In this dynamic world, both positivity and negativity exist but perceiving things from a positive viewpoint matters a lot. Most of the time, you adopt a negative approach or attitude under the given circumstances & situations. Doing this restricts you from evolving and learning from the particular situation. When you shift your attitude towards positivity, it helps you to look at the situation from a different angle. It can turn out to be a learning experience making you wiser, and sometimes it can also be an opportunity in disguise for you. Your positive or negative attitude is reflected in your actions, feelings, and mood. A positive mental attitude means to be positive even in a negative situation.


There are a lot of benefits of adopting a positive mental attitude such as:


  • A positive mental attitude improves your overall health, mental and physical

  • It promotes joy and happiness

  • It is a lot beneficial in managing anger

  • Lower rate of depression, anxiety, and stress

  • Longer life span

  • It opens the room for learning experiences and opportunities

  • It promotes personal growth making you a wiser person

  • It builds self-confidence

  • It promotes problem-solving skills, and creativity, etc.


Positivity does not always refer to being cheerful and happy-go-lucky all the time. Though one should be cheerful positivity focuses on your perspective about happenings in your life – a positive attitude will help you to focus on the bright side of the situation resulting in a positive outcome, whereas a negative attitude will merely highlight the bad parts of the given situation. Focusing on the positive aspects of things also develops a sense of gratitude and appreciation within you. 


Being humble to people, sharing food with others, smiling at strangers, staying positive at bad times & stressful situations, appreciating other people’s hard work, being happy for someone else’s success and achievement, etc. helps to ingrain a positive mental attitude in you. 


As the famous quote says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  This proverbial phrase encourages optimism and a positive can-do attitude in times of hardship & difficulties. Life can be tough, but having a positive attitude is in your hands and power. It helps you to broaden & widen your thought process and problem-solving skills.  


When one door closes, another opens. Adopting a positive mental attitude at tough times can also be helpful in discovering yourselves, and sometimes even rediscovering your personal preferences, hidden talents & skills, etc.


You should surround yourself with positive people to maintain positivity in your lives. Negative people tend to drain your energy and fill your lives with darkness & negativity. Often, you can feel positive vibes & aura around positive people, and negative vibes & aura around negative people. Positivity attracts positivity, and negativity attracts negativity.


For example:  In traffic jams, people with a negative approach will be impatient, irritated, frustrated, and will continuously blow horns causing unnecessary noise pollution. But, people with a positive attitude will be patient, calm, and most likely listen to music, podcasts, etc. to deal with traffic jams. 


A positive mental attitude enhances your emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. On the other hand, a negative mental attitude leads to stress, anxiety, disturbed sleep, improper diet, emotional instability, depressions, etc.


If you ever feel that you look at things negatively or your life is filled with negativity, then you should take the help of a counselor, therapist, or psychologist to overcome negativity and adopt positivity. 


Psychologists as mental health care providers play a major role in understanding biological, behavioral, and social factors that influence mental health and physical wellbeing. Dr. (Prof) R K Suri, Senior Clinical Psychologist at Psychowellness Center, is a trained professional clinical psychologist, having more than 36 years of experience in all kinds of mental health issues and related therapeutic interventions. 


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