Tips for Diabetes Patients to stay Mental Health During Pandemic

Tips for Diabetes Patients to stay Mental Health During Pandemic


COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone frightened. It can not only give us a fatal infection but has also separated us from our friends and families by the global rule of social distancing and social isolation. This has disrupted the lives of almost everyone. There are many deaths of near and dear ones or family members due to Covid 19. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression even for healthy adults. But for people with diabetes, these concerns are exaggerated and they feel a lot of anxiety, stress, and depression. The people who are taking care of such people are also at a high risk of mental health issues.



People with diabetes are having an increased risk of COVID-19 and therefore they should maintain a healthy routine and also try to manage their blood glucose especially in this pandemic.



Researchers have claimed that people who are having diabetes are also at a high risk of mental health issues and disorders as compared to people with some other chronic disease. There is already some kind of diabetes distress in the people with the disease but in this pandemic, this distress is quite exaggerated in them.



People think mainly of social isolation, a lack of physical activity, a lost sense of connection with the self, and the decreased self-care also.



When a person is in social isolation he/ she can have contact with their health care provider through their phones but that too limited. Normal routine tests cannot be done. The self-care facilities like the gym, exercising, and walking cannot be done. The person has to be in social isolation and cannot see their family members also. All these things come together and the person may feel anxious about when all this is going to an end.



He/she may be depressed in social isolation. There may be feeling like hopelessness and helplessness in them in a triggered sense. People also worry about hypoglycemia in which the blood sugar decreases.



Tips For Managing Distress In Diabetics During COVID 19 Pandemic



  1. There should be routine for people with diabetes: Taking a healthy routine and following the same is very important for people with diabetes. When they are having medicines for controlling their blood sugar and then having an irregular diet patterns, they may go into a stage of hypoglycemia. Small changes are absolutely fine but when you are shifting your schedule, it’s not fine at all. People need to have a regular check on their diabetes and it should be self-monitored also. When a person is tested positive, he/she may have a decreased physical activity and it can have an impact on the blood glucose level.

  2. Taking the medicines as directed by the doctor: When you are not taking your medications on time, you can put your life at risk of the disease. If you are drinking alcohol or smoking, that will not protect your life from the disease.

  3. Staying active even when you are at home: Exercising, yoga, and walking are extremely important to maintain diabetes. Doing regular exercise and yoga is also a good way of maintaining good mental health. Doing meditation or following mindfulness meditation is also good for mental health.
  4. Maintaining immunity: Having multivitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D are good for boosting immunity. It makes immunity strong.  Apart from that maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, and washing hands at egular intervals or sanitizing them is also very important.

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