What dyslexia is like ?

What dyslexia is like ?


Does “BAT” seems “TAB” to your child?


Dyslexia is a condition where a person is unable to read or write because their brain doesn’t understand graphic symbols. In other words Dyslexia is a learning disorder which affects a person ability to read, write and speak. According to Dr. R.K Suri best psychologist in delhi, Dyslexia is in no way linked to a person intelligence, in fact dyslexic people are creative thinkers and intelligent as their peers. Dyslexia may vary from person to person depending upon symptoms but early diagnosis of dyslexia helps in reducing its impact.


Some of the common symptoms of Dyslexia are as mentioned below:


  • Difficulty in reading and writing


  • Difficulty in speaking and unable to rhyme


  • Mispronunciation of words


  • Crawl, walk, talk and other such activities are learned late than expected age
  • No or less concentration


  • Illogical or unconnected talks

  • Unable to memorize words, letters or spellings


  • Problem processing words, letters or what he/she hears

  • Taking too long to complete reading or writing tasks

  • Emotionally sensitive, trouble maker or too quite, bed wetting beyond age

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What causes Dyslexia?


  • Due to heredity
  • Due to improper brain functioning

Exact causes of dyslexia are not precise other than those mentioned above. According to Dr. R.K Suri child with dyslexia can be successful in their life if taken proper treatment and therapy.


What are the treatments for Dyslexia?


After successful diagnosis of Dyslexia child psychologists and therapists recommend certain therapies to work upon dyslexic child. Treatment include following things

  • Speech program
  • Counseling
  • Focusing on phonetics
  • Making them read and write


For parents with dyslexic child it is advised that parent spent maximum child with their children because parents are first doctor to any special child. Parents should spend time in reading books, reading stories, listening stories or rhymes with their children. This helps in increasing understanding of child. Play games related to reading or writing with kids. Most important thing which parent should be careful about is patience. As a parent it is important to have patience while working with your child and always encourage him/her to do more and well. Also always appreciate small achievements of your child like when he/she pronounce a letter or word correctly or if they speak correctly.


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