Need of Awakening Our Self-Power

Need of Awakening Our Self-Power


Adverse circumstances can be won easily with help of strong self-power. When darkness and dullness are spread everywhere lightning lamp of self-power brings to light. This self-power is the only way to remove darkness and dullness. Fear of mischief can be reduced with self-power. This energy of self-power makes us fearless.


In difficult corona times, we are experiencing sorrow and agony. Everywhere we see clouds of doubts and uncertainty. We feel heartbroken and distressed watching situations around us.  It is difficult to watch such miserable conditions of the whole world. At such times self-power is the only force that brings positivity to us. We need to awaken our self-power to deal with such a crisis. Self-power makes us invincible. It gives strength to release stress and pressure. Today we need to awaken the self-power of society along with awakening the self-power of ourselves. We have to take care of our society as well. This is the time to uplift positive thinking. We all should attempt to protect people from negative thoughts. For example, stop circulating fake messages or news. In this way, we are stopping the spread of negative thoughts. This will help us and the people around us fight these difficult times easier.


The awakening of self-power will take us towards a fearless future. This self-power will help us dream about the future. We can think about tomorrow’s happiness with the power of self-force.  With the absence of self-esteem, we harm both our present and future. This is why it is important to enlighten self-power.


Self-power will help us win like a defeated king. Once a good king loses a battle with a bad king. The bad king wanted to kill the good king. To save his life good king hides in the cave when he watches a spider creating a womb. The spider keeps falling but keeps trying. Finally, the spider manages to create a womb to the top. This makes a good king think if a small spider can make several attempts to win why can’t I?


Seeing the spider's efforts awakens the king’s inner self and prepares again for war with full power and strength. And wins this time. Similarly, we should always maintain our self-power.  And never give up in odd circumstances.


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