The Importance of Spiritualism for Mental Health

The Importance of Spiritualism for Mental Health


Both religion and spirituality have their roots in the search to understand the purpose of life and, in certain situations, how a connection to a higher force may affect that purpose. Although the principles of religion and spirituality are same, their practises are completely different. In recent years, the scientific community has shown a growing interest in the subject of spirituality. This includes the combination of developments in the study of consciousness, health psychology, psychiatry, and the place of spirituality in self-help organisations. Spirituality has a wide range. It means putting faith in a bigger force than us. It helps individuals in realising how they are related to others and the broader community. Religion is more structured and is grounded more in a community's ideas. It is a structured collection of cultural practises, worldviews, and beliefs.

What is spirituality?

The feeling of purpose and meaning is reflected in your spirituality. It is what gives you the sense that you matter or are deserving of respect in life. The worldview that spirituality presents contends that life is more than just what people can perceive with their bodies and senses. Instead, it suggests that there is something more substantial linking every living creature to every other and to the universe as a whole.

Many people have found comfort and stress relief through their spirituality. Research has revealed that while there are many various ways for people to find Divine or a higher power, those who are more religious or spiritual and use their spirituality to deal with difficulties in life gain many benefits for their health and wellbeing.

Impact of spirituality on mental health

People's spirituality influences a lot of their decisions. Better relationships with self, others, and the unknown are encouraged by it. You can manage stress by turning to spirituality for a sense of peace, purpose, and forgiveness. In times of physical or emotional Stress, it frequently becomes more essential. There are various spiritual practices that can help in the improvement of mental health. They are:

  • Time spent in prayer, meditation, or introspection

  • Taking part in rituals, ceremonies, and other forms of worship

  • Adopting customs like tai chi, yoga, and other disciplined activities

  • Painting, cooking, drawing, gardening, and other related activities are examples of creativity.

Positive impact of spirituality

There are several ways in which spirituality might benefit your mental health.:

  • You might experience a greater feeling of meaning, hope, and purpose.

  • You might feel more self-assured, self-esteemed, and in charge of your own self.

  • It can assist you in making sense of your life's experiences.

  • While you're sick, it might give you a sense of inner power and speed your recovery.

  • A spiritual community may provide additional help.

  • You might try to build stronger bonds with both yourself and other people.

To practice spirituality, one must locate a quiet place to meditate, read spiritual books, or form Relationships with encouraging friends who share their beliefs. Certain spiritual practises have their foundations in different world traditions. Several therapies and treatments for mental illness frequently have a non - religious spiritual element. Moreover, those seeking spiritual healing for mental health issues could require:

  • Time and space for prayer and worship

  • A chance to learn about their spiritual needs

  • Sometimes forgiveness

  • Encouragement to put their faith into action and grow in it

  • Assurances that the psychiatrist or the therapist will respect their faith

Negative impacts of spirituality

Although claiming to encourage their spirituality, some people may use those who are weak emotionally. You may be more convinced to engage in unhealthy behaviours if you are emotionally weak.

It might seem strange to discuss spiritual matters with your doctor. Even though, you should discuss this with your doctor if the spiritual beliefs are having an impact on your mental health. If you are concerned about something or are under stress because of your spirituality, get expert advice. If your doctor is treating you for a mental problem, think about telling them about your spiritual beliefs. If your spiritual beliefs prevent you from following their medical advice, let them know. If your spiritual views have an impact on how you receive medical care, be sure to let your doctor know.Or seek advice from the Best psychologist in India or Therapists in delhi nearby you.

Treatment and spirituality for mental health

By the psychotherapy technique known as Spiritually Augmented Cognitive Behavior Therapy, mental health disorders may be treated with the assistance of spirituality. This process requires combining spiritual principles into cognitive behavioural treatment. Seek help from Clinical psycholgist or Online counselor.

It focuses on four important topics:

  • Acceptance

  • Hope

  • Getting a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Forgiveness

The focus of this therapy is on life's unavoidable events, such birth and death. Eventually, the search for divine purpose is the main goal.

The following are the key methods employed in this process:

  • An empathetic listen

  • Promoting emotional expressiveness

  • Problem-solving

  • Using rituals, prayer, meditation, and observing how beliefs affect symptoms

According to research, those who identify as members of a certain group or who practise a particular religion tend to have better mental health. Several approaches exist for spirituality to benefit humans. First and foremost, religion or spirituality might assist in a person's search for purpose in life, which is essential to enhancing mental health. How important spirituality is to people's health and wellness may be seen by the fact that hospitals employ Best psychologist delhi  or Counseling psychologist to provide patient care.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Ms. Sakshi Kochhar, Psychologist.